Taste The Balinese Extreme Culinary: Lawar Merah

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Taste The Balinese Extreme Culinary: Lawar Merah.

You can fully enjoy your holiday in Bali by visiting some tourist attractions like white sandy beaches or waterfalls. But, there’s one more interesting thing other than that: the special culinary. If you’re bored eating lunch or dinner in cafes or restaurants with international menus, you can try this traditional Balinese culinary: Lawar Merah (Red Lawar).

Lawar Merah

Lawar is a Balinese culinary that has been popular for a long time. Besides Lawung Klungah, Lawar Kuwir, and Lawar Putih, there is also Lawar Merah. Lawar Merah is one type of lawar whose basic ingredients are made of blood. Anyone would frown once they know that blood is a mixture of this dish. Although it sounds strange to people from outside the island of Bali, it’s a common thing for the local people.

The Balinese believe that the blood in lawar merah no longer contains bacteria. In fact, it is believed to be a food that is able to increase your energy. In the manufacturing process, lawar merah is made using the blood of pigs, chickens, or ducks. But keep in mind, the blood mixed must come from animal flesh used to make lawar. For example, chicken blood is used if meat for lawar is chicken meat. Likewise with pig and duck blood. 

Making Lawar Merah is done by using various types of spice mix. Among them are chili, white pepper, black pepper, sliced, and bangle. The spices are mashed and sauteed. After that, it then mixed with fresh blood. The fresh blood and seasonings that have been mixed are poured into other basic ingredients that have been steamed, such as sliced ​​long beans, cabbage, bean sprouts, and meat. After that, all the ingredients are stirred together and ready to eat. You will see the red color dominating this food.

Although it has been mixed with various herbs and also other ingredients, the taste of blood still feels thick on the tongue to the throat. For those of you who like extreme food, you can consider to try Lawar Merah. Guaranteed, this culinary sensation will be hard to forget. But for those of you who abstain from eating foods that contain blood, then Lawar Kuwir and Lawar Klungah can be another option.

Although offering an unusual sensation of taste, Lawar Merah was believed to be able to have a positive impact on your health. In fact, many Balinese people refer to lawar as a means to connect between humans and God. They also believe, by consuming Lawar Merah, you can get butha or bad traits out of your body. Are you interested?.