The Beautiful Tolerance Taught By Griya Kongco Dwipayana

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The Beautiful Tolerance Taught By Griya Kongco Dwipayana.

Bali is indeed famous for the nickname island of the "Thousand Temples". However, the island also holds diversity among its diverse people. There, the community tolerance is very good and warm. No wonder you often see them carrying out religious ritual activities side by side.

One of the clear tolerances you can find is at Griya Kongco Dwipayana Tanah Kilap, Pemogan, Denpasar. This place is a klenteng which is also known as the Vihara Nusantara. In this temple, Hindus and Buddhists often hold prayers together almost every day. According to Griya Kongco Dwipayana leader, Ida Bagus Made Adnyana, usually Hindus will pray at the pura first, then continue at this klenteng. And vice versa for Buddhists.

The Vihara Nusantara was actually built since the Ching Dynasty. However, this kelnteng only re-operated after the facility was built in 1987. Then, the rebuilding process was completed in 1999.

In this vihara, there are often many series of events. For example, during the Chinese New Year celebrations on January 25, 2020. Since six days before the 2571 Chinese New Year celebration, the klenteng has been making preparations. Temple worship was held on that day, in the form of a ceremony to take the gods to heaven. The community believes that the gods who go back to heaven will report on human deeds for one year. Good and bad, everything has been recorded and will be reported.

Now, as long as these gods are in heaven, the people make preparations for the temple. At Griya Kongco Dipayana Tanah Kilap, preparations were made in the form of cleaning the place thoroughly. Including pratima or statues. The cleaning is done in two stages: first rinse with plain water, then clean with holy water. The amount of pratima that must be cleaned in this temple is 100! Not only Buddha statues, there are also Hindu-style statues in the Vihara Nusantara.

The culmination of a series of ceremonies to welcome the Chinese New Year falls on January 24-25, 2020. At this time, there is a Barongsai (or also known as Lion Dance) appearance and the vihara is adorned with 200 lanterns.

Griya Kongco Dwipayana has become a real example that tolerance among religious believers can be a real example for everyone. If we are all inspired to respect each other, surely world peace will be realized. Agree?