Learn The History Of Bali In Bajra Sandhi

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  • Jalan Raya Puputan No. 142, Panjer, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80234


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Learn The History Of Bali In Bajra Sandhi.

Monas is a landmark of Jakarta, while Bajra Sandhi is a landmark of Bali. Both monuments have their own historical value. Bajra Sandhi’s architectural design has so many meanings, which can be seen from its various carvings. But, since it’s located at the city center, some local tourists don’t aware that this monument is a tourist attraction.

The Unique Bajra Sandhi

Bajra Sandhi Monument is located in Denpasar, right in the center of Renon square. This site is adjacent to the Governor of Bali's office. You will immediately recognize it from the design of its magnificent towers that resemble pagodas in several other Asian countries.

Bajra Sandhi comes from the word "'bajra" which means bell, while "sandhi" means holy. You can see the uniqueness of Bajra Sandhi in the dioramas inside the monument. You can find 33 dioramas that tell the history of Balinese people’s struggle since the prehistoric times, during the kingdom era, until the independence period.

Bajra Sandhi has three floors. You will be amazed by the complexity of traditional Balinese architecture on the ground floor. Whereas on the second floor, the dioramas are ready to unfold the history of Bali. While the third floor will offer you the stunning view of Denpasar from 360 degrees.

Since August 2016 until this article was written, the basement of the Bajra Sandhi was converted into a 3D art museum space. It’s called “I AM Bali Interactive 3D” which is full of awesome murals. So, it's also one of the best spots to take pictures.

Bajra Sandhi stands on a 4,900 square meters are, in a yard of 14.4 ha. You will see a large yard with green grass, with gardens and palm trees in the middle. Denpasar residents who visit Renon square on the weekends will usually stop by at the monument. This place is also recommended by many tour packages in Bali. You’ll get lots of interesting information about the history of Bali there. Bajra Sandhi is the right place for you to visit, particularly if you come with family.