Tipat Tahu Grenceng: The Legendary Food Stalls In Denpasar

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  • Jalan Dr. Sutomo, Pemecutan Kaja, Kecamatan Denpasar Utara


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Tipat Tahu Grenceng: The Legendary Food Stalls In Denpasar.

Bali has a million of traditional culinary flavors that can spoil your tongue. While you’re in Bali, you can taste a variety of special foods. In the Denpasar area, for example, there is a delicious culinary that you can try. It’s called Tipat Tahu Grenceng.

This culinary is named Tipat Tahu Grenceng because this food is located in the Banjar Grenceng region. Yes, there is a food stall that specializes in serving tipat and tahu (tofu) since the 1960s. No wonder that this place is legendary among the community, both inside and outside the island. If you want to try this culinary, Tipat Tahu Grenceng must be the main reference. This food stall is quite simple, just using a wheelbarrow. 

Tipat tahu is served by slicing them in pieces. Then, it will be covered by seasoning. This food is usually accompanied by various side dishes, such as sprouts, kerupuk (crackers), and fried onions. The seasoning mixture will be made each portion, so the savory taste will be melt on your tongue in every bite. 

Do you want to enjoy a serving of Tipat Tahu Grenceng? You only need to spend IDR 8,000 for one portion. If you want to add complementary dishes, like crackers, for example, you only need to pay another IDR 1,000. Low price, high taste. That's what makes tipat tofu loved by the wider community, including local and foreign tourists. You will enjoy each bite and feel the delicacy of tofu until the last bite. 

Tipat Tahu Grenceng is open from 9 am to 9 pm. Although the operating hours are quite long, which is 12 hours, this stall is always crowded by visitors especially at lunch and dinner hours! So, if you don't want to queue to enjoy this food, be sure not to come at those hours. 

Interested? Let’s come to Jalan Dr. Sutomo, Pemecutan Kaja, North Denpasar District, Bali. There, you will find this legendary food stall. Don't forget to invite your friends, spouse, or family to enjoy this culinary. So that the atmosphere can be as ‘delicious’ as the tofu you eat. Have a nice day!