Traditional Balinese Green Fresh Drink, Daluman Ice

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Traditional Balinese Green Fresh Drink, Daluman Ice.

Considered as a tropical island, the sun's heat will always accompany you on every trip around Bali. Of course, this is not an easy thing to travel with hot weather. You might need something to refresh your body that can boost the new energy to continue exploring Bali. One fresh drink you must taste is Daluman Ice.

Daluman Ice

Having vacation in Jembrana, there is Daluman Ice that you must try. It is a popular traditional Balinese drink. The basic ingredient of the Daluman Ice is green grass jelly. Its latin name is Cylea Barbata Myers. It will be processed in a such way until the grass is transformed into the form of green jelly.

The process of making Daluman ice is quite easy. The daluman is mixed with coconut milk and palm sugar. Then, for the final touch, ice cubes can be added as a refresher. If you like sweet drinks, surely this Daluman Ice might be your favorite. But if you are not a fan of sweet drink, you can ask the seller to skip the palm sugar. The taste of coconut milk, ice, and daluman as one is something you really need to refresh your day.

In addition, palm sugar can boost your energy, jelly from daluman or green grass jelly also has many great benefits for your body. Jelly from green grass has a high fiber content and low in calories. Besides, this jelly also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The high chlorophyll content of the jelly makes it is very useful for fighting heat in a natural way.

You can find this Daluman ice at almost everywhere. Both in top restaurants or in food vendors on the roadside at an affordable price. Remember, if you come to Bali, trying Es Daluman is a must. This green drink is so refreshing and healthy at the same time.