Various Types Of Barong, The Ancient Traditional Balinese Dance

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Various Types Of Barong, The Ancient Traditional Balinese Dance.

With a variety of traditions and customs, Bali also has various kinds of dances that can attract the attention of tourists. One of the most popular dances, both among local and foreign tourists, is the Barong dance. But apparently, Barong dance itself also has various types. The type of Barong dance is named based on the form of barong used in the performance. To find out more info about this, let's check out the types of Barong dance below!

1. Barong Gajah 

As the name suggests, this dance uses a barong that resembles an elephant. Starting from the ear, trunk, ivory, and the gray color. However, unlike elephants, this barong has fangs. When compared with other Barong dances, Barong Gajah dance is quite rare and hard to find. 

2. Barong Ket or Barong Keket 

In contrast to the rare Barong Gajah, Barong Ket is the most famous Barong dance. Yes, this dance is often performed and you can easily find it. In this type of dance, the barong used looks like a lion combined with cows, tigers, and dragons. Red becomes the dominant color of the head. 

Barong Ket has a very long size, which is as high as 1.5 to 2 meters, with a length of 3.5 to 4 meters. So usually, this one dance is played by two people. 

3. Barong Macan 

At first glance, Barong Macan has a shape that is almost similar to Barong Ket. The difference is, if Barong Ket is a mixture of various animals, Tiger Barong is only made to resemble a tiger. Usually, you can watch the Barong Tiger show when there are certain sacred ceremonies taking place. 

4. Barong Bangkal 

Barong Bangkal is dominated by black color and resembles the shape of a wild boar. This dance is exhibited around, like on the streets or in front of people's homes. Usually, you can watch this show during Galungan and Kuningan Day. 

5. Barong Asu 

In the Barong Asu dance, dancers will wear masks similar to dogs. Usually, this dance can only be found in certain areas, especially in Tabanan or Badung. 

6. Barong Landung 

At first glance, this barong is similar to Betawi ondel-ondel in Jakarta. Its size is as high as approximately double the height of humans. Barong Landung is danced by two people in pairs. 

Well, that's the types of barong in Bali. In your opinion, which one is the most interesting Barong dance?