Viewing The Unique Collection Of Primitive Art In The Putrawan Museum

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  • Jl. Trenggana, No. 108, Penatih, Denpasar Timur


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Viewing The Unique Collection Of Primitive Art In The Putrawan Museum.

Bali is always interesting. You can find various attractions. Starting from the natural beauty, culture, to culinary tourism. One culture that is still preserved is painting. Bali as a beautiful island in Indonesia gave birth to many of the best painting artists.

Putrawan Art Museum 

Made Gede Putrawan is a collector of works of art, both painting, sculpture, and primitive art. Initially, art objects in this museum were collected as a form of investment. But over time, there’s a growing sense of affection for primitive collections in this museum. So it makes it hard to take it off even though it's offered at a pretty high price. Because of the large number of collections owned and the reluctance to sell them, the Putrawan Museum of Art was opened or abbreviated as PUMA as a form of love made for different arts. This museum was officially opened on October 14, 2004.

Existing facilities in this museum are practically complete. There are villas, restaurants, swimming pools, bathrooms, and parking lots. But the swimming pool is only reserved for visitors who stay at Villa PUMA. The museum has a total of 385 art collections, with 210 main collections. Statues and primitive objects are the most sought-after prima donna for visitors to see. 

For you art lovers, walking around the museum and enjoying various works of art on display will make your imagination satisfied. After getting tired of traveling, you can relax for a moment in the green park inside the museum area. Sit for a moment while stretching your legs or just chatting with some visitors. Or if you want, you can also enjoy a tea or coffee break package. This package is deliberately offered by the museum manager so that the visitors feel more comfortable. 

This museum can be enjoyed from Monday to Sunday, starting at 09.00-17.00 WITA. Putrawan Museum of Art is located on Jl. Trenggana, No. 108, Penatih, East Denpasar District, Denpasar. You can allocate your time around 30 minutes to an hour in the museum. 

Visiting a museum can be an educational tour that will increase your knowledge of Balinese culture. So it could be a good thing if you put this place as one of your holiday list in Bali. You will feel relaxed and get more knowledge.