Walking Along The Tukad Bindu River To Spend A Perfect Evening

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  • Jl. Turi, Kesiman, Kecamatan Denpasar Timur, Kota Denpasar


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Walking Along The Tukad Bindu River To Spend A Perfect Evening.

Attractions in Kesiman Village, Denpasar are apparently growing. Not only Kertalanggu Cultural Village, Tangtu Beach, Subak Museum, and musical village. There is another new tourist spot, Tukad Bindu. With the presence of Tukad Bindu in Kesiman, you have many choices of places to relax in Denpasar.

Tukad Bindu

Many people know Bali for its exotic beaches. But, if you explore Bali deeper, you can find another interesting kind of places. Tukad Bindu River for example. The river is located in Gang Sardula, out of Kesiman, East Denpasar District, Denpasar Regency. This tourist attraction is located not far from the center of Denpasar City. This river was once dirty, full of garbage, mud, and even haunted. But since the cleaning and management has been taken seriously, this location has drastically changed into a beautiful and pleasant destination.

There are many ways to enjoy the Tukad Bindu River. You can play water in a clean river area. It is so clean. You can even see the rocks in the bottom of the river. Usually in the afternoon, this area is crowded by children who are swimming in the river. Boisterous laughter of children will decorate your afternoon in Tukad Bindu.

In addition, you can also relax on the banks of the river while enjoying a snack. There are many merchants offering food and drinks around here with reasonable and affordable prices. So you don't need to bring your own food, because you can buy it from the local sellers. Then find a comfortable spot to sit back and enjoy the rest of the day.

For those who like selfies, there are a number of fun photo spots. One of them is a bridge flanked by a towering bamboo chain. The bridge wall is decorated with various ornaments made of waterproof material that has the shape of a star and heart. There are also colorful balloons pinned between the cracks of bamboo. Your photo results look unique!

Looking for morning entertainment? Well, you can try exercising using some fitness equipment provided around the park. All tools are rented out for free, so your body will remain healthy without spending a penny. You only need to share your time with other visitors who also want to use the tool. Moreover, the air in the area around the river is also still fresh and natural during the morning. Sports in the middle of the open air, while enjoying the beauty of the Tukad Bindu River will definitely be one of your unforgettable morning.

Tukad Bindu attractions are fun to be enjoyed alone, with family, friends, or partner. Have a relaxing holiday!