Witnessing The Historical Objects At The Buleleng Museum

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  • Jalan Veteran No. 23, Kelurahan Paket Agung, Kecamatan Buleleng


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Witnessing The Historical Objects At The Buleleng Museum.

Bali is not only famous for its natural beauty but also rich in culture and history. In Buleleng Regency, for example, there’s a museum that can make you feel like time traveling to the past. You can fill your holiday with fun activities, and getting useful information at the same time.

Buleleng Museum 

In the Buleleng Museum, you can see ancient objects such as sarcophagi, sculptures, weapons, paintings, various types of woven fabrics, handicrafts made of gold and silver. There are also objects related to the life of the people of North Bali, like tools used for farming and fishing.

In addition to ancient objects used by the people, in this museum, you can also see the relics of the private collection of King Buleleng, I Gusti Anglurah Panji Sakti and his family. There are lots of lined photographs adorning the white walls of the building in the museum. Those are the portraits of the king from his childhood to adulthood with other royal families. You can learn the figure of the king through these portraits. Apart from photos, there are also everyday objects that have been used by the king. This place can definitely build your imagination about the life of the King of Buleleng in the past.

This Buleleng Museum was built on March 30, 2002. It was founded on the idea of a cultural observer and also an artist who is a member of the North Bali Cultural Heritage Preservation Foundation. The aim is to educate and introduce the historical heritage to the Balinese people and tourists, both local and foreign. There are several rooms in this museum that you can enter: history, ethnology, pre-history room, art room, and the banner of magic. These rooms will make it easier for you to find any information you want.

If you’re interested, you can visit the museum which is addressed at Jln. Veteran No. 23, Paket Agung Village, Buleleng District, Buleleng Regency. You can visit the museum every day starting at 07.30 WITA until 15.30 WITA. Usually, on Saturdays and Sundays, the Buleleng Museum will be crowded with students and researchers. So, be sure to choose the right time to visit!