The Symbol Of Prosperity On Kuningan Day: Yellow Rice

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  • Denpasar, Bali


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The Symbol Of Prosperity On Kuningan Day: Yellow Rice.

Yellow rice contains certain symbols for Balinese who celebrate Kuningan. Yellow rice is a symbol of prosperity. Yes, although made of something simple, this yellow rice has innumerable values.
Yellow rice, as a symbol of prosperity, is usually offered on Kuningan which is celebrated on Saturday Kliwon Wuku Kuningan. The Balinese Hindu community call it the Tumpek Kuningan, which is celebrated ten days after Galungan. In the morning, an upakara offering in the form of yellow rice is offered as a thanksgiving for suksmaning idep. It means, all thanks are given to Sang Hyang Widi for the blessings during human life. Whatever has been achieved and found, it is important to be grateful.
The yellow color in yellow rice is considered as a symbol of prosperity, which is similar to the color of gold. The color of gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity. So by offering yellow rice during the Kuningan Day, the people hope that they will get more prosperity and wealth, in accordance with the ways that have been blessed by the Creator. While presenting this symbol of prosperity to the ancestors, the Balinese Hindu community also ask for protection, safety, and guidance to Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa.
The ceremony or worship on Kuningan Day is only conducted from the morning until before 12.00 Wita. Because Hindu-Balinese people believe that at that time, the energy of the universe such as the power of the Panca Mahabutha (the power of land, space, water, fire, and air) is in a state of climax. Whereas after noon, the energy has entered the pralina period where energy is believed to have returned to its origin. Even the Pitara, Bhatara, and Dewa have returned to Swarga Loka. So, the view of people who flock to come to the temple from the morning is a special view that you can see on Kuningan Day.
As a complement to offerings, there are also tameng, endongan, sesandangan, and wayang-wayangan embedded in the yellow rice. Tameng, endongan, and sesandangan are the symbols of protection, supplies, and the wheels of life. Through these symbols, humanity is expected to be able to live in harmony. A calm mind is the most effective weapon in achieving this goal.