5-Star Camping Experience - Interesting, isn't It?

5-Star Camping Experience - Interesting, isn't It?

Posted by: fandihafidz | Wednesday, 27 June 2018

5-Star Camping Experience - Interesting, isn't It?


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Bali never fails to excite every one with its unique tourist attractions. As the world’s tourist destination, Bali keeps spreading its wings of creativity to steal the heart of visitors.

Right now, we are going to bring you to one of unique resorts at this province of Indonesia widely known as the Island of Gods. Sandat Glamping Tents is a resort with the concept of Glamping, which stands for Glamorous Camping. This resort brings up a new trend which enables anyone to feel the sensation of camping with the 5-star comfort.

Here, you can have a vacation, immortalise the time by capturing pictures, and bring happiness to your family. Sandat Camping Tents provides you the ambience of uniting with the nature without losing luxurious lifestyle, modern facility, and WiFi access.

The nature lovers may get confused hearing this kind of new trend. However, if you can go camping with style, why not?

Sandat Glamping (Glamorous Camping) is an environment friendly boutique resort which smoothly transforms camping and outside adventure life into luxurious experience. This all is the matter of enjoying the nature in a different way: facilitated with bar, lounge, and the restaurant equipped with sofa designed by notable designer, wonderful lamps, vegetal-like huge dinning table, thatch roof, and refreshing bamboo structure. 

The interior of tents is covered with white curtain, tall chair, glass lamp, and luxurious fabric. The facilities you can get here include:

  • Lounge & Bar
  • Sandat Restaurant
  • Romantic Dinner under the stars
  • Breakfast
  • Relax & Spa
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Parking Lot
  • Swimming Pool
  • WiFi access
  • Room Service

Sandat Glamping Tents is located at Jalan Subak Sala, Banjar Sala, Pejeng Kawan, Ubud, Pejeng Kawan, Gianyar, Gianyar, Bali 80552, Phone: +62-821-4408-1998.

The route you can take to get to the location:

From Ngurah Rai Airport, take Jalan Nusa Dua - Ngurah Rai Airport - Benoa Toll Road/ Mandara Toll Road, Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Jalan Raya Batubulan, Jalan Raya Singapadu, and Jalan A A. Gede Rai to Jalan Gn. Sari in Peliatan (34.3 km). Continue to travel on Jalan Gn. Sari to your destination in Pejeng Kawan until you reach Sandat Glamping Tents on Jalan Subak Sala, Banjar Sala, Pejeng Kawan, Ubud, Pejeng Kawan, Gianyar, Gianyar, Bali 80552

If you are from Celukan Bawang port, you should travel about 96.5 kilometres with estimated time of about 2 hours 57 minutes through Singaraja-Gilimanuk road.

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