4 Concept Of A Special Archipelago Restaurant In Jembrana

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4 Concept Of A Special Archipelago Restaurant In Jembrana.

Jembrana is indeed famous for its cocoa. But, besides that, this district is also famous for the beauty of its tourist attractions and also it's culinary. Yup, culinary from Jembrana district has a distinctive taste and certainly appetizing. So, what kind of meals can you enjoy there? Let's see the list below!

1. Various Archipelago Menu 

If you want to eat in a place that has a lot of menu choices, you can stop by one of the restaurants on Jalan Raya Denpasar, Gilimanuk, Desa Banyu Biru. This restaurant, which is open 24 hours, offers a variety of food, such as oxtail soup, soto, rawon, and many more. Not only is the food delicious, but the facilities are quite complete. There is a large parking area, restrooms, and places for praying.

2. Betutu Chicken 

Who doesn't know a chicken betutu? This Balinese culinary dish has become the target of tourists who travel to Bali. This place is suitable to be a spot to gather with friends or family because you can choose a chicken menu with the size of one or half chicken. This restaurant is also located in Gilimanuk, Melaya, and is open at 07.00 - 22.00.

3. Enjoy a Meal in the Middle of the Forest 

There is a restaurant that comes with a different nuance in the Bale-Bale Agung Village, Jalan Pengastian, Banjar Kebon, Jembrana. The menu served is very diverse. But that's not what stands out from this dining place. The uniqueness of this restaurant is its concept. It’s a restaurant that offers a rural atmosphere, complete with its activities. You will enjoy your meal in the middle of green trees. You can even catch a fish there and eat it!

4. Seafood Dishes on the Seafront 

If you want to eat best-processed seafood, you usually look for restaurants on the beach. So, you can come to Jalan Pantai Pubuahan, Banyu Biru, Jembrana. There, you can find a seafood place by the sea.

Of the four lists above, which one do you think is the most interesting dining concept? Whatever your choice, each culinary place in Jembrana certainly has its own uniqueness. So, you might have to try it one by one. Then what are you waiting for? Let’s plan your vacation to Bali from now on!