Benel Dam, The Perfect Green Area For Recreation

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  • Benel, Desa Berangbang, Kecamatan Negara


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Benel Dam, The Perfect Green Area For Recreation.

Finding interesting tourist attractions in Bali is so easy. If you are bored with popular tourist destinations, just try visiting alternative tours. One of them is a beautiful dam in Jembrana, called Benel Dam. So what can you do in this dam?

Benel Dam 

Benel itself is a fairly new dam. Its construction was carried out during the reign of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The construction began in 2006 and was established in 2010. The main function of this dam is as a source of water for local residents. With the existence of the Benel Dam, Jembrana residents were finally able to obtain a clean water source. Usually in the dry season, residents often have difficulty finding clean water. The Jelrana Benel Dam has such a large size. The water collected in this dam is used to irrigate at least more than one thousand hectares of rice fields owned by the local residents.

On the other hand, the dam is large and broad, and it is supported by the condition of a green protected forest, which is very suitable to be used as a tourist attraction. The air in the dam is also very cool because it is located in the mountains. So that you will see a very beautiful green landscape because it is surrounded by many trees. Under the dam, there is also a vast rice field that is so beautiful with its terraces. This panorama is perfect to be enjoyed for those of you who want to runaway from the crowded and polluted city life. By breathing fresh air in the green area, you can increase energy and eliminate stress. So that your vacation feels more fun and excited. 

You can enjoy the panorama around by taking a walk down the dam. You can explore this large area while doing some exercise like jogging. Or, you can do a relaxing activity like picnic. Sitting and chatting with your partner, friends, or families while enjoying some good snacks, surrounded by green forest. Such a perfect way to spend your day, isn’t it? Moreover, there are bale-bale facilities around the dam, so you can use them to relax. 

In addition, you can find various types of fish in the dam. Like tilapia fish, cork fish, and etc. You can rent a fishing pole at a rental place around the dam. Enjoy the surrounding scenery while waiting for the catch! 

Interested? Let’s visit the Benel Dam, located in Benel, Berangbang Village, District, Negara, Jembrana Regency.