Jagatnatha Botanic Garden, The Pearl Of Negara City

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  • Jl. Sudirman, Dauhwaru, Kecamatan Jembrana


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Jagatnatha Botanic Garden, The Pearl Of Negara City.

Bali Island is truly one of a kind! You can find any type of recreation there. Nature, culture, history, you can just choose as you wish. In fact, you can also fill your vacation by studying many types of rare plants, unique right? Yes, in Jagatnatha Botanical Garden, you can breathe the fresh air of Bali, while enjoying the green scenery and studying various types of plants.

Jagatnatha Botanical Garden is one of the programs of the Jembrana Regency Government to advance tourism in the area. In the development of this usadha and upakara-themed garden, the Jembrana District Government was also assisted by the Ministry of Public Works and LIPI.

As explained above, Jagatnatha Botanic Garden is dominated by a variety of rare and medicines plants. Therefore, in addition to accompanying the daily life of Balinese in terms of yadnya and ceremony, this garden also functions as a conservation center. In the same garden, the community also uses it as a place of research, economic resources, education, and recreation.

Although often used as a means of education and research, the Jagatnatha Botanical Garden is often visited by selfie fans. Couples who want to get married also often do pre-wedding photos in this garden! Of course, this is because the garden is neatly and beautifully arranged. Thus, you can find many instagramable photo spots there.

Jagatnatha Botanical Garden stands on an area of ​​6 hectares. Currently, the garden has medicinal plants, or also known as the usada, as many as 26 suku, 45 collections, and 36 genus. For upakara plants, there are 38 suku, 101 collections, and 85 genus. As for endemic plants typical of Jembrana district, you will find 48 suku, 103 genus, 124 species, and 428 specimens. Finally, there are also plant collections that are still in the nursery stage, namely 62 suku, 174 genus, 162 species and 1,234 specimens.

The large collection of plants found in the Jagatnatha Botanical Garden makes the surrounding area cool and fresh. That is why, local and foreign communities in Bali often refer to it as an oasis or the pearl of Negara city. Thus, this botanical garden is expected to become the first botanical garden in Indonesia which has a collection with an arrangement based on thematic patterns. So that this garden can later be referred to as the living 'library' that holds a story of Balinese cultural richness.