5 Tips To Be Comfortable While Visiting The Traditional Markets

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  • Bedugul Traditional Market


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5 Tips To Be Comfortable While Visiting The Traditional Markets.

Not only natural attractions or museums that you can visit when traveling in Bali. The traditional market is also interesting for you to go to. In addition to selling local goods at lower prices, you can also feel the bustle atmosphere typical of traditional markets and the real face of the people. Of course, this can be an interesting experience. If you want to shop at a traditional market, you should pay attention to the tips below, so that your shopping activities will feel comfortable.

1. Find out about the Market

If you haven’t been visited the market, it is important to find as much information about the market as possible. Find out the location and market conditions, so you can adjust yourself. Also, look for routes or maps to reach it. In addition, note the market operating hours. You don’t want to come when the market is closed, do you? 

2. Wear Appropriate Clothes 

When in the market, wear clothes as comfortable as possible. Avoid wearing clothes that can make your movements limited. Also, don’t wear clothes that are too open, because you are not going to the beach or other places. One of your mistakes is a material for people watching at the market. It is better to wear everyday clothes that are usually used by the local community.

3. Be Friendly to Sellers 

Some sellers in the traditional Balinese market will offer their wares by calling buyers, and some even attract buyers to their stalls. This will make some people discomfort. But if you want to reject the invitation, use polite language. For foreign tourists, you can use body expressions that say no with a little smile, so that the sellers are not offended. Remember, good manners are highly valued by the people of Bali.

4. Bring Just Enough Money 

This is to avoid the crazy nature of shopping. Apart from that, it is also good for security reasons. We recommend that you exchange your money into a smaller nominal, so that the sellers can easily provide change when the transaction occurs.

5. Make a Bargain 

The main key so that you can shop at cheap prices is bargain. As a buyer, you must dare to bid on the items to be purchased. Be sure not to hesitate in this bargaining. Be assertive and don't rush to approve the offers of the sellers. Bid on about 30% to 50% of the original pegged price.

Now, after knowing the simple tips for shopping at traditional markets, let’s arrange the right time to shop! Remember, control yourself so you don’t shop too much.