Enjoying The Cool Of Bamboo Forest In Penglipuran Traditional Village

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  • Desa Adat Penglipuran, Kecamatan Bangli


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Enjoying The Cool Of Bamboo Forest In Penglipuran Traditional Village.

The Island of the Gods has an endless charm. If you are familiar with visiting traditional villages, then the Penglipuran Traditional Village should not be missed. Not only culture, art, and beautiful natural landscapes, the bamboo forest is also one of the destinations that breathe ecology in this traditional village.

The bamboo forest in the Penglipuran Traditional Village has an area of tens of hectares. In this forest, fourteen types of bamboo grow. When you enter the forest area, you will see an information board that lists the bamboo that grows in the forest. There are also endemic bamboo species native to Bali, namely Jajang Taluh (Gigantochloa Taluh) and Jajang Aya (Gigiantochloa Aya) bamboos.

Penglipuran Traditional Village is located in Bangli District, Bangli Regency. The village, which still adheres to the value of this wise tradition, takes one hour from Denpasar City. But if you stay in the Ubud area, it is only 25 kilometers to the north.

In the bamboo forest, tourists can enjoy the cool breeze and the musical sound of the leaves. As a result, the wind makes tree trunks rub against each other so that they make sounds like an irregular musical ensemble. Besides enjoying the atmosphere, you can do various activities in this place.

For example, by cycling a one-meter-wide road. In addition, many brides and grooms take their pre-wedding photos in this place. The most serene, you can come in the morning. You can enjoy the fresh air and the smell of slightly damp earth.

The bamboo forest in the Penglipuran Traditional Village is an air catchment area. Bamboo also has high flexibility. In addition to reducing soil erosion, indigenous people also use bamboo to build paon roofs, sakenem, and angkul-angkul.

Well, to cut the bamboo tree, the local community use rules that are held for generations. For example, choosing the best day because it relates to the season, sun exposure, and soil moisture. If it is used to build roofs and walls, cutting bamboo must apply a selective cutting system. That is choosing bamboo that is old and making sure new shoots grow in order to stay sustainable.

Are you interested in going to the bamboo forest in Penglipuran Traditional Village? It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and scalloped footwear to prevent slipping. In addition, you can empower those around you to be your guide.