Take A Day Trip In Penelokan Tourism Village

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  • Desa Penelokan, Kintamani


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Take A Day Trip In Penelokan Tourism Village.

Traveling to Kintamani is the right thing to do. Because in this region, there are enough choices of tourist attractions that you can go to alone or with family. The most interesting thing from Kintamani is the existence of unique villages that fit to be used as a tourist destination village. One of them is Penelokan Village. Approximately, what activities can you do there? Let's read this article to find out more.

Penelokan Tourism Village

Penelokan Tourism Village is a village in Kintamani, Bangli Regency. To arrive at Penelokan Village, you need to travel from Denpasar with a distance of about 63km or about 1.5 hours away by car. If your start point is from Ubud, the trip time will be even shorter, only about 30 to 40 minutes. Because the location of Gianyar Regency is close to Bangli Regency.

The name Penelokan Village has a meaning that corresponds to the location of the village. In Balinese, Penelokan means "place to see". Well, right. From this village, a number of amazing views can be witnessed, like Mount and Lake Batur for example. Both of these natural panoramas can be seen from various angles in the Penelokan Village.

You don't need to sit in a cafe to hang out or any other kind of special spot to see the beauty of Mount and Lake Batur. Because, by standing on the edge of the road, you can see the charming mountains and lakes. So no wonder, the village community conjured up sidewalks as a place to sell snacks and soft drinks. So that visitors who want to enjoy nature can sit while filling their stomachs.

In addition, you can see Mount Abang from this. Not surprisingly, this village has become one of the favorite tourist destinations most frequently visited by tourists. There are many local and foreign tourists who are interested and curious to visit Penelokan Village. So that this village is never empty of visitors.

The temperature around the Penelokan Village area is quite cool because it is in the range of 22 ° Celsius. With this temperature, you will often find many citrus plantations and coffee. You can also visit the coffee or orange orchards to fill your leisure time in Penelokan! Not only seeing,  but you can also be directly involved in the process of producing coffee beans into ground coffee. Then, you will be treated to a variety of the best types of coffee for free. If you visit an orange plantation, picking oranges directly from the tree is the most popular tourist favorite activity.

However, lodging facilities in Penelokan Tourism Village are not as much as those of other villages in Kintamani. But, this village is very famous for its lake-themed restaurants and mountain views. Interestingly, the restaurants that line the Penelokan Village road to Lake Batur offer great food prices and flavors. By paying IDR 100,000, you can already enjoy an all-you-can-eat restaurant. There are Indonesian food, western, Chinese, and Indian food.

Schedule your lunch at one of the restaurants in Penelokan Village. You’d better come to the restaurant about one hour before lunchtime, so you can get a place with the right view. After lunch, you can continue your journey to see Lake Batur more closely. Then end your tour in Penelokan Village before sunset.

Well, that’s a few tips for those of you who want to visit Penelokan Village. Because it is located above the altitude, the air temperature is relatively cold. Also, rain with a moderate intensity often falls suddenly. So wear a thick jacket and bring an umbrella. Also, please be careful on your way from Ubud to Penelokan Village, the roads are kinda slippery and winding. Have a good vacation!