7 Tourist Facilities In Bali

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7 Tourist Facilities In Bali.

As a tourist destination that is visited by thousands of tourists every year, Bali always builds and updates its facilities. This facility aims to make it easier for tourists to get their needs. If you will or have never been to Bali, there will be no difficulty in finding the following facilities. Facility management, in order to support tourism, is well managed. So if you’re planning a vacation in Bali, see the explanation of tourism facilities below.

1. Various types of accommodation

The first thing to do before going to Bali is looking for places to stay around tourist attractions. Fortunately, there are so many type of accommodation that you can choose based on your budget. There are 5-star inn, lodging with Balinese culture decoration, or guest house. Make your choice!

2. Places to eat with a variety of menu choices

Tourists are often reluctant to go somewhere because there are few choices on menus and places to eat. In fact, in Bali you can enjoy a variety of menus from American, Brazillian to Balinese specialties. So, do not ever worry about where to eat!

3. Adequate transportation

Various transportation makes it easy for tourists to access all kinds of tourist attractions. From tourism buses to two-wheeled vehicle rentals. Or you can use an online motorcycle taxi application that can take you wherever you want.

4. The safest tourist attractions

Some tourists consider that Bali is the safest island compared to tourist attractions in other countries. Balinese culture which is very thick with ethics is very protective of attitude. Now, when you visit Bali, you have to be good too. At least, you can smile and say hello to the local community. If there are many traveling merchants who offer merchandise, and you are not interested in buying it, then politely decline. Respecting each other will create a harmonious atmosphere, right?

5. ATM machine

Besides money changers, in every district, you will easily find an ATM machine to withdraw cash. Some tourists choose to take money through ATM compared to money changers. You can choose which is the easiest way and comfortable for your vacation.

Otherwise in Nusapenida, there are very limited money exchange facilities and ATM machines. The place is only in the downtown area of the District. So, plan your holiday if you are in Nusapenida and the itinerary so you can prepare your needs.

6. Laundry

Your dirty clothes will be clean again in one day just by paying IDR 7,000.00 per kilogram. If you don't have a lot of clothes, you can even use the laundry service around the inn. Around the city, you will easily find laundry services.

7. WiFi

In this technological era, WiFi is the main support in the rate of information. Some public places are filled with WiFi facilities, such as restaurants and cafes. Some tourist sites also already have WiFi facilities. To facilitate exchanging and getting information, then ask for a password and a mechanism to get an internet network at your transit place.

Wish you a happy holiday!