Knowing The Meaning Of Knowledge Commemorated At The Banyu Pinaruh Ceremony

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Knowing The Meaning Of Knowledge Commemorated At The Banyu Pinaruh Ceremony.

The Island of the Gods has wisdom that is reflected in the behavior of its people. The beauty of the natural landscape is only half the slice that can be enjoyed when going on this island. While the wisdom of the people can be felt through culture, art, and spirituality.

Regarding something wise, Balinese people, especially those who embrace Hindu beliefs, celebrate Banyu Pinaruh Day the day after Saraswati Day. What is reflected in the wisdom of that day?

Saraswati Day is commemorated the day before the Banyu Pinaruh Ceremony is held on the day of Radite (Sunday) Paing, Wuku Sinta. Saraswati Day is held in commemoration of the descent of knowledge and is celebrated once every 210 days. Precisely on the day of Saniscara Umanis Wuku Watugunung.

On that day, all people who work in educational institutions and students hold a ceremony. However, due to the pandemic in the last two years, it was carried out in a limited manner and minimized crowds.

Saraswati Day is dedicated to Dewi Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and art. In her depiction, Dewi Saraswati has four hands in which each hand holds a sitar, ginatri, damaru, and keropak. The four objects symbolize the aspect in humans that absorbs knowledge.

During the Banyu Pinaruh Ceremony, the Balinese Hindu community carries out a hug to the spring. Both on the beach and to the springs. Banyu Pinaruh comes from the word wruh, which means 'to know' and or 'to become aware'. Banyu comes from the Balinese language which means ‘water’. Overall, banyu pinaruh can be interpreted as a water of self-awareness of knowledge.

Water will flow knowledge when the self is clean. With water, all sins, misfortunes, and calamities will be washed away and become holy. Knowledge in the mind glorifies man. This is also what distinguishes humans from creatures created by the Almighty. Knowledge makes people wiser and virtuous.