A Plate Of Wind Rice, Legendary Food From Tabanan

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  • Jalan Raya Denpasar - Gilimanuk, Dauh Peken, Tabanan


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A Plate Of Wind Rice, Legendary Food From Tabanan.

When you go to Tabanan Regency, you will easily find warung (a place to eat) that sells Nasi Angin (Wind Rice). A plate of Nasi Angin consists of various dishes that will fill your stomach. For only IDR 10,000, you will get a full meal. Interesting right?

Nasi Angin is slightly different from Nasi Jinggo. Although both are served with a variety of foods, Nasi Angin has a unique taste. It’s a plate of warm rice with fried noodles mixed with cauliflower, pork jerky, shredded meat, and savory sauce. Indeed, it is not classified as halal cuisine because pork jerky is one of the mixtures. This pork jerky is cooked with palm sugar so it feels sweet.

Initially, only one stall under the banyan tree that sells Nasi Angin. This stall is only open at night. Formerly, this stall was crowded with truck drivers and tourists who were on the way from Denpasar to Gilimanuk. This food then becomes a favorite for many consumers. So today, there are many food stalls sell Nasi Angin. The name didn’t come from the word ‘angin’ or ‘wind’, but from ‘Ang In’, the name of a shop in Denpasar that is currently closed.

It's easy to find this food in Tabanan. One serving of Nasi Angin contains a plate of rice with side dishes, plus a bowl of warm soup.

The combination of the taste between the sweetness of jerky and the savory soup is very fitting to be enjoyed at night. When you stay up late, Nasi Angin can be an option. Until now, Nasi Angin is considered a legendary food from Tabanan. Not only this menu, but some stalls also sell other special foods. Such as sambal Bejek Belayu and Kuwir Nyat-nyat. So, which one do you want to eat tonight?