A Unique Traditional Chinese Architecture In Pura Dalem Balingkang

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  • Pinggan, Kintamani


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A Unique Traditional Chinese Architecture In Pura Dalem Balingkang.

Of the several temple buildings that you can find in Bangli, Pura Dalem Balingkang is one of the must-visit places during your vacation at Kintamani. This temple is magnificent and beautiful. But not only that, but the location also presents an extraordinary view. This temple has some unique stories that will definitely make you want to visit the temple as soon as you’re in Bali.

Pura Dalem Balingkang 

The first unique story is closely related to the origin of the name of the temple. The name ‘Balingkang’ was given to this temple because it was originally a palace of a Balingkang. In Balinese, the word means the king named Sri Jaya Pangus. It is said that the palace was built because of a different cultural marriage between the king and a Chinese woman named Tang Ci Keng. This may also be the reason why, in the temple, there is also a large megalith which becomes a representation of the king and his wife. You can still find it when you visit the temple.

Another uniqueness lies in the temple building. The building can be said to have a fairly ancient architectural style. This kind of temple building is indeed quite rare, including in Bali itself. Because it was a palace, this temple building also has a kind of fortress on the outside. Of course, in ancient times, the fort had a function like castle fortresses in general. Namely to protect the inside of the palace, especially the king, from outside attacks. 

In this temple, there is also a place of worship that is equipped with a symbol of a large Chinese coin. This is actually the most visited part of the temple because it is believed to bring good luck, especially to the Chinese community. What's more, the location of the shrine is also in the north-east corner of the temple. It is also believed to add to the element of luck. So, you will find both Balinese Hindus and Chinese people who ask for blessings in this temple. They came to worship Kang Cing Wie. 

Does this unique story also make you feel curious? If you want to visit the temple, you can come to Pura Dalem Balingkang, located in the village of Pinggan, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency.