Amed Beach Hidden Gem From The East

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  • Jalan I Ketut Natih, Purwakerti, Desa Amed, Karangasem


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Amed Beach Hidden Gem From The East.

Talking about Bali’s beaches nothing but gorgeous comes from your mind, right? Not to mention, the beaches stretch along the eastern part of Bali. The popular one is Amed Beach. It becomes one item of many travelers list when in Bali.

The name of this beach is taken originally from the name of the location, Amed Village, Karangasem Regency. Driving from Amlapura City, it will take around 35 minutes to reach the beach. Easily can be found on the edge of I Ketut Natih street.

Once you get there, all you can see is the glowing black sand. The silver light caused by the reflection of sunlight will softly hit your eyes. The sloping stretch of black sand and rows of fishermen's boat seemed very contrasting but fascinating in the eyes. In addition, the calming atmosphere will make you feel relaxed for a moment from the tiredness of daily activities. The waves on Amed Beach tend to be small, so it is safe to swim or soak. Watching a beautiful marine life directly from Amed Beach underwater by snorkeling or diving is worth to try as well. 

By late afternoon, the ordinary view is fishermen start pushing boats into the sea and ready to sail to catch some fishes. There are also some local residents who come for the fresh fish on the beach. You can capture this usual local community interaction and transfer it into a beautiful photo with your camera. 

After being satisfied playing on the beach, walking along I Ketut Natih street would be interesting because there are many cafes or restaurants that line neatly and offer a variety of delicious food. From local flavors to westerns. Other facilities available around Amed Beach are public toilets, homestays, mini markets, ATMs, and snorkeling and diving equipment rental sites. All of them will provide and support your comfort during your vacation in Amed Beach. 

Well, what’s your opinion after getting an overview above? Feeling excited to have vacation at Amed Beach, right? When visiting here, remember to bring sunblock to avoid sunburn and also bring your summer clothes if you are intended to do sunbathing. Last but not least, let us keep the environment clean while spending your time here. Have fun!