Enjoying The Peace Of Camping At Taman Harmoni

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  • Desa Bugbug, Kecamatan Karangasem


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Enjoying The Peace Of Camping At Taman Harmoni.

For those of you who choose a nature-themed vacation with the activity you want to do is camping, then choose Taman Harmoni. The natural atmosphere is perfect for giving the opportunity to be closer to nature. Believe me, you will be hooked right away when the footprint starts tracking this place. You will have your own experience when the sky becomes the roof and the breeze becomes friends.

Camping in the Harmony Park

For those who like camping, the name Bukit Asah Bugbug in Karangasem is certainly familiar. This place has become one of the best campsites in Bali. Well, you can find a camping ground in Bukit Asah, it’s called Taman Harmoni. Many tourists fill each corner of the park with colorful tents. Some of them stay to enjoy the sunset and sunrise, some fish, there are also those who sit relaxed with a partner or family while looking at the scenery.

Taman Harmoni is the right place for camping. This is the type of camping that young people love. Unlike most camping where you have to bring yourself a variety of equipment, in Taman Harmoni, all the supporting facilities of camp have been provided. You only need to bring yourself and a few personal items as needed.

You can sit comfortably in a plastic chair while looking at the sunset. There is also a table for putting snacks or other objects. no need to carry your own tents, mattresses, pillows, or stoves, because everything is available at Taman Harmoni. Hungry? No problem. This place also has provided several public facilities such as kitchens. There are also toilets and security posts.

If you are too lazy to cook, you can buy food in stalls owned by local residents around the hill. Your camping experience will feel comfortable and enjoyable. Far from complicated. Then, what about a campfire? You don't need to look for firewood. Because Taman Harmoni provides firewood for bonfires at night for free for ordinary and VIP guests. Interesting, right? Now, anyone can camp. Not only young people, children, and even parents can feel the pleasure of nature with this simple activity.

Camping in Taman Harmoni can be the right choice to refresh your mind from your daily routine. The view can hypnotize every eye that looks at it. This is the perfect composition of the shade of trees, the blue water of the sea, and the height of the surrounding cliffs.

If you plan to camp at Taman Harmoni, you can book your tent in advance through their social media. This is to anticipate full bookings, especially on weekends. Taman Harmoni is located in Bugbug Village, Karangasem District, Karangasem Regency.