Enjoying Quiet Holiday At Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach

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  • Sengkidu, Kecamatan Manggis


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Enjoying Quiet Holiday At Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach.

Enjoying holidays in Bali can do with various activities, including visiting museums, art galleries, relaxing at waterfalls, and beaches. The Island of the Gods, as the island of Bali is called, is surrounded by beautiful beaches. In the east of Bali, precisely in Karangasem Regency, sits a beautiful beach away from the hustle-bustle.

The beach is Nyuh Gading Mendira, located in Sengkidu, Manggis District. Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach is located in one line with Candidasa Beach. The seawater on this beach is clear. You can even see small corals and marine life on the shores of Nyuh Gading waters. Around the beach, there are a number of places to stay, but mostly guesthouses or villas.

If you depart from Soekasada Ujung Park, you need to spend approximately 30 minutes heading southwest to reach Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach. Meanwhile, from other popular beaches, such as Blue Lagoon Beach, this hidden beach is 12 kilometers away.

Interestingly, Nyuh Mendira Beach is opposite the Blue Lagoon Beach. So, the plains on the beach will be vaguely visible. In addition, fishing boats can be seen on the shore.

This beach comes from the name of the vegetation that decorates the shore, namely yellow coconut. The tree stands on Nyuh Gading Beach and provides heat protection when relaxing under it. On this beach, there are no facilities such as bathrooms or shops selling food or drinks. But you can get these facilities before entering the beachfront area.

The advantage of Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach is the view. The scenery is quite beautiful like other popular beaches in East Bali. Besides that, the clear water is tempting to swim and play water on the beach. Nyuh Gading Mendira Beach, is also a suitable place to take beautiful pictures.