4 Destinations In Karangasem That Can Be Visited In A Day

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4 Destinations In Karangasem That Can Be Visited In A Day.

Stopover in Karangasem, a district in the eastern Bali region, can visit and enjoy the typical dishes of the Island of the Gods. You can enjoy it in a day before moving to another area that is no less beautiful. Interested in registering which destinations and what can be enjoyed in Bali? Here's the list.

Blayag Breakfast

Blayag is authentic Balinese food. Also known as lontong sayur which is suitable to be enjoyed in the morning before starting traveling activities. This traditional food contains ketupat from rice or in Balinese it is called tipat. While the vegetables are a combination of green vegetables seasoned with grated coconut. On top of the ketupat, it is topped with vegetables, soybeans, fried chicken feet, chili sauce, and yellow gravy with Balinese spices.

In Karangasem, precise in Amlapura, there are several stall and family restaurants that sell blayag such as on Jalan Diponegoro, Tipat Blayag “Dek Ani”. Meanwhile, in Karangasem District, Kumendel Family Restaurant is also open from 09.00 until the evening.

Tenganan Pegringsingan

Tenganan Pegringsingan is a tourist village area known as the Bali Aga village. Bali Aga is a tribe in Bali that still holds the original traditions. This village is also with Selundunding Gamelan music and Gringsing woven cloth. The woven fabric uses a double tie technique and uses natural dyes so the process is quite long. You can take a walk in Tenganan Pegringsingan village to feel the thick culture.

Ujung Soekasada Park

Ujung Soekasada Park is a historical tourist spot. This area is a relic of the Karangasem Kingdom. The landscape is arranged so that it looks beautiful. From Amlapura to Taman Ujung it takes 15 minutes.

The park, which was built in 1919, was built by the first King of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Jelantik. In this area, there are five bales that have different functions. According to the caretaker of Soekasada Park, it is necessary to have a clean heart when visiting here.

Candidasa Beach

To get to Candidasa Beach from Taman Ujung Soekasada, you need to cover a distance of 10 kilometers with a travel time of 30 minutes. Uniquely, this beach is partly white sand and partly dark. The expanse of the sea is clearly visible when the sky is blue. Of course, it will have a nice effect on your mood. Moreover, the sound of the waves accompanies your time when you stop by this beach.

At Candidasa Beach, you also have restaurants, cafes, and bars on the shore. Interested in a vacation at this beach?