Babi Guling Bali, Legendary Menu At The Most Popular Store

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  • Jalan Tegal Sari Nomer 2, Tengah, Ubud, Gianyar


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Babi Guling Bali, Legendary Menu At The Most Popular Store.

The menu of Balinese cuisine has been recognized by the world for its delicious and unique taste. Anthony Bourdain, an international chef, has tasted and recognized the delicious Babi Guling menu in Gianyar. This phenomenon is unique, because this special food has been taught for generations. Babi Guling Bali cuisine uses special spices. Another uniqueness is, no large restaurants provide this menu. It’s only available at stalls and often known as roasted pork.

Babi Guling Bali is processed by roasting the whole pork. One of Bali's Roasted Pork mixers, Putu Pande, explained that this dish was processed in several stages. From slaughtering pigs, making complete herbs or base genep, to the roasting process using metal poles. In the past, people still used wood as a stake to roast a pig. But today, they wear metal poles for some reason.

Pigs that have been slaughtered, cleansed their stomach contents. The fur is pulled out clean with hot water. Then the empty pork belly is filled with base genep. After being filled, the stomach is sewn, then from the mouth, a metal pole is installed for the roasting process. The outside is covered in herbs mixed with turmeric. Grilling takes a long time with embers. Once cooked, the savory Balinese Babi Guling which is covered in typical spices is ready to be served.

The best-selling Babi Gulung Babi is sold at the stalls. Since the whole pig is roasted, large restaurants rarely sell them. Now, where can you find stalls that sell this special menu?

When you are around Gianyar and Badung, maybe you will find it easily. Located less than 3 kilometers from Lumintang Park, there is a Babi Guling stall. The location is on Jalan Dr. Sutomo, Pemecutan Kaja, Denpasar Utara, Badung. There, you can enjoy a plate of warm rice with pork on top of it, lawar, skin crackers, and tum.

When you move to Gianyar Regency, which only takes 30 minutes of travel from Badung, you also easily find Babi Guling stalls. Well, some popular culinary destinations, such as the Senggol Market in Gianyar, also sell Balinese Babi Guling menus. With a price range of IDR 30,000 per plate, you can enjoy the crispy pork skin. Balinese Babi Guling mixers have a savory and crunchy secret to the outside of roasted pork. Before roasted, the pork is covered in coconut water. The result, yummy!

You can also go to the Bali Babi Guling stalls that Anthony Bourdain visited. The location is 350 meters from the Puri Lukisan Museum. You only need to walk east until you find Jalan Suweta. A few meters from the end of the road, you will see a crowded shop visited by delicious food connoisseurs.

The three shops that serve the same menu. Although they have different price ranges, the plate of food you ordered won’t make you disappointed! Prepare some cash and your tongue will be spoiled with the pleasure of a taste that is processed with secret spices.