Bali Festival Park: A Unique Trip To An Abandon Place

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  • Pantai Padang Galak, Desa Kesiman Petilan, sanur


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Bali Festival Park: A Unique Trip To An Abandon Place.

A walk on the beautiful coast while enjoying the cool breeze is common thing to do in Bali. Enjoy the view of the waterfall is also common. Then, what kind of unusual thing that we can do in Bali? The answer would be having a trip in an abandon place! Yes, you can go to the Bali Festival Park and test your adrenaline there.

Bali Festival Park is located in the Padang Galak Beach area, Kesiman Petilan Village, Sanur. This place was founded in 1997 and has many rides to play like the Dunia Fantas in Jakarta. There, you can find theater, amphitheater, 3D theater, nature attractions, and artificial mountains. Exciting, right!

But unfortunately, two years after the park was established precisely in 1999, this place was closed because of the bankruptcy. The area is too magnificent and luxurious, making this place empty of visitors. Thus, this place was not completed due to insufficient funds. Now, Bali Festival Park has been abandoned for 20 years. This place is covered with tree roots and bushes, and is accompanied by silence without any human activity.

Ironically, this park also experienced a fire in 2012. But who would have thought? This abandoned place, which is often labeled haunted by people, still attracts visitors. Many people who come to this place to take pictures, with a background of shrubs and building structures that have been neglected. Graffiti on the walls actually add to the aesthetics of this place.

In addition to the abandoned and burned buildings, there are also some buildings that haven’t been completed. Of course, it makes the visitors feel the horror atmosphere. If you dare to test your courage there, guaranteed you’ll feel like being in the area of ​​horror films! Therefore, for those of you who want a different kind of holiday, you can visit the Bali Festival Park.

Around the Bali Festival Park, there are also many tourist attractions. If you visit the park, you can also continue your trip to Sanur Beach, Padang Galak Beach, le Mayeur Museum, Cryoow Doll Workshop, Taman Anggrek, and Sindhu Market. Are you Interested in testing your courage in Bali Festival Park? Be sure not to come at night, so you don't disturb the residents around the park. Happy holiday!