Baris Poleng Dance: The Story About The Plague In Penaban Hamlet

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  • Dukuh Penaban, Kecamatan Karangasem


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Baris Poleng Dance: The Story About The Plague In Penaban Hamlet.

Speaking of traditions and customs, Indonesia is the champion. Well, in Bali Island itself, there are various kinds of rituals passed down from generation to generation. One form of tradition that is owned by the people of Bali is art. The form can vary, but perhaps dance is the tradition most loved by tourists. Yes, there are a lot of tourists, both local and foreign, who visit Bali to watch the dance performance. One dance you should not miss is the Cang Long Leng Dance.

Cang Long Leng Dance, or also known as Baris Poleng Dance, is a typical dance from Penaban Hamlet located in Karangasem Regency. This dance is included in the category of sacred dance, which tells the story of the Penaban Hamlet community who had experienced gerubug. The word gerubug is actually used to describe a situation when there is livestock that dies suddenly and simultaneously. However, gerubug can also have another meaning, namely an outbreak that causes sudden and simultaneous death of humans. This outbreak was asymptomatic, but immediately spread and killed many people.

According to cultural observers and lontar activists, Bali has experienced gerubug in ancient times. The plague that killed many people was written in some lontar. One area that had experienced the outbreak was Dukuh Penaban, which was finally told in the form of the Cang Long Leng dance.

Baris Poleng dance is performed by men. The dancers of Cang Long Leng wear costumes called poleng bebali. It is said that the costume is hundreds of years! The costume is quite simple but unique. Only like a wide cloth with white, black, and gray checkered motifs, which are wrapped around the bodies of the dancers. Then, the dancers are also equipped with some simple accessories: a hibiscus that is inserted into the dancer's ear. Dancers are also seen holding a keris (some kind of dagger) and also a shield with a picture of flowers in the middle.

This dance is very lively because it is accompanied by the cheers of the dancers. Since Cang Long Leng is a sacred dance category, it is only performed during certain rituals. Like for example during Usaba Kapat and also Manis Kuningan.

In addition to having this distinctive dance, Penaban Hamlet also has another uniqueness, namely the Lontar Museum which is the only museum in East Bali. You can also find beautiful natural potential and also charming springs. So, let's make plans to visit Hamlet Penaban!