Barong T-shirts, Balinese Souvenirs Produced By The Residents Of Beng Gianyar Village

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  • Desa Beng, Gianyar


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Barong T-shirts, Balinese Souvenirs Produced By The Residents Of Beng Gianyar Village.

Bali is included in the ten most beautiful tourist attractions in the world. Aside from the stunning landscape, Bali also has high-value art. One dance that is quite recognizable is Barong. The traditional Barong dance is a representation of an exorcist. On the way to Bali, you will often find masks or various forms of ornaments depicting Barong, such as T-Shirts.

Barong T-Shirts can be found in every shopping center in Bali. Well, this souvenir is produced by residents who live in Beng Village, Gianyar. Jalan Gunung Agung. It is a not-so-busy street that is the center of production and sale and purchase of these iconic T-Shirts. Barong T-Shirt Center is located not far from Kanto Lampo Waterfall, so you can buy the souvenir while visiting the waterfall.

Usually, sacks of Barong T-shirts that have been produced will be sent to the art market or gift shop. At least, every seller in the art market asks for a sack containing a variety of colors. Well, the t-shirt entrepreneur can get income every month for IDR 75 million. And until now, the Barong T-shirts are high in demand because many tourists buy them as very Balinese souvenirs.

Apparently, the process of making Barong T-Shirts is quite complicated you know. Before being sewn into a T-Shirt, the colored fabric will be cut according to the size pattern and painted by hand. In one day, Barong T-Shirt painters could paint hundreds! In Beng Village alone, there are about a dozen T-Shirt entrepreneurs. So, you don't need to worry about running out of the T-Shirt to buy. However, if you visit the place during Hari Raya, maybe the stock will run low because on that day many workers are off.

In each production house, it requires around ten workers. They will work according to their respective skills, from the coloring process, ironing, drawing to removing the rope. Apparently, the process of making one Barong T-Shirt is not simple huh? After the rayon cotton cloth has been dyed, it is dried in the sun and the cut according to the size of the shirt. T-Shirt material that has passed the process is ready to be given a Barong picture. Still with a long process so that the shirt can be comfortable to wear. Well, if you are interested in shopping and see the process, then you can visit the center of this typical Balinese Barong T-Shirt.