Batu Dawa Village: A Place To 'Escape' From The Busy City

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  • Batu Dawa, Tulamben, Kubu


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Batu Dawa Village: A Place To 'Escape' From The Busy City.

There are so many recommended places in Bali. One of the popular ones is Batu Dawa Village, Karangasem. This place is loved by young people, especially by those who like photography or those who just want to find peace. The air is fresh,  with lots of green trees, beautiful scenery, and friendly locals. These things are the main reason for tourists who want to visit this place.

In Batu Dawa Village, an increasing number of visitors are crowding the village’s treehouse. This treehouse was established in 2015 and has been a favorite spot for selfie lovers ever since. No wonder, visitors who take pictures there upload their captured moments on social media. After that, many other people saw the beauty of the place on Instagram. So, they were moved by their desire to also set foot in the village.

If you are also interested in visiting the treehouse, please be patient to queue! Because the treehouse can only accommodate six people. Arriving at the treehouse, you can enjoy the amazing view of Batu Dawa Village from a height, also Mount Agung in front of your eyes, as well as Tulamben Beach and Amed Beach. Anyway, as far as your eyes can see, you will only see the grand and amazing paintings offered by nature.

Not only able to enjoy the view from a beautiful treehouse. The access path to get there is also quite unique, namely through a bamboo bridge. Of course, this bridge is also instagramable too! Many visitors stop for a moment to take a picture or two. Well, please beware, this bridge is quite high. So for those who are afraid of heights, please prepare yourself and be more careful!

Around the location, there are also swings and gazebos for you who want to rest while enjoying the cold breeze. Of course, the place is also one of the favorite photo spots for tourists.

Visiting Batu Dawa Village can indeed get rid of your fatigue immediately. Not only a treehouse but there are also many other exotic tourist attractions, such as Tulamben. Or, you can also just sit and relax in one of the stalls owned by the local residents. Trust us, it is also more than enough. You can interact with local people while enjoying the green scenery and breathing in the fresh rural air. Anyway, if you want to 'escape' from the busy city, the village of Batu Dawa could be the right choice!