Become A Farmer In A Day At Munduk Nangka Agro Tourism

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  • Berangbang, Kecamatan Negara, Jembrana  


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Become A Farmer In A Day At Munduk Nangka Agro Tourism.

You will never be tired to call Bali an island of a million tours. Moreover, the government program also supports its development, from cultural arts to nature tourism. One of the places that draw people’s attention at this time is Munduk Nangka Agro Tourism in Jembrana, Bali. Located in highland areas, Jembrana does have the potential to be developed into an ecotourism place.

There, both local and foreign tourists will be welcomed by the green fields arranged with the concept of terracing. The air is very fresh, so it can make your mind and body more relaxed. Of course, this place is very beautiful to be captured by your camera. You can beautifully decorate your social media feed with a panoramic view of rice fields, with green mountains as a background. It certainly can make people fascinated by its charm. 

Not only able to relax and enjoy the panoramic view, but the visitors can learn the working process of local farmers. When the rice planting season arrives, you can directly see farmers who are working on their rice fields, such as plowing and planting the rice. 

Munduk Nangka Agro Tourism is also suitable to be used as a family vacation spot. There’s the Rabbit Park which is used as a place of education. Well, in this park, visitors can do the process of harvesting rice. Exciting, right! 

So what are you waiting for? Take your family or friends there and enjoy the beauty of nature while learning about the rice fields. You can come to Munduk Nangka Banjar, Berangbang Village, Negara District, Jembrana Regency, Bali.