Bias Tugel Beach, A Hidden Paradise In East Bali

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  • Desa Padangbai, Kecamatan Manggis, Karangasem


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Bias Tugel Beach, A Hidden Paradise In East Bali.

Bali is all you need when you need a break. The stretch of beaches that give some tropical vibes has always been the main destination for tourists, both local and foreign. Although the location of some objects are still in the remote area, the tourist will call it as a fun challenge. Bias Tugel Beach in Karangasem, for example. The beauty that is owned is able to encourage the explorers to conquer a difficult path, though.

For some people, the name Bias Tugel Beach still sounds strange to their ears. Yes, maybe because the location is still hidden. It is located on the eastern end of the Island of the Gods, precisely in Padangbai Village, Manggis Sub-district, Karangasem Regency. To reach it, you can take the same route as the trip to Padangbai Port and the main entrance is on the right before entering the port. After that, continue your journey around 15 minutes drives before arriving at a small alley with a sign Bias Tugel Beach as a marker. Park your vehicle in this alley. Relax, the vehicle is guaranteed to be safe because it is guarded by local residents while you have fun on the beach. 

After that, prepare your energy because the adventure will begin soon. To reach Bias Tugel Beach, you need to walk 30 minutes on a challenging route. About five minutes walk from the parking lot, you have to go down 75 steps. After that, go to an iron door on the left and continue to go through the forest with roads covered with shrubs. Be careful because the terrain is quite steep and rocky. If the swirling of the waves begins to sound and the fresh air of the sea starts to be breathed on the journey, soon you will arrive at Bias Tugel. 

The size of Bias Tugel Beach is not too wide because it is flanked by a fairly large rock on the right and left side. But the white sand and blue seawater make the Bias Tugel beach even more stunning. What a hidden gem! Try walking for about five minutes to the left side of the beach. You will find a small lagoon. This lagoon is often used as a pool for tourists who want to soak and relax. About 50 meters from the right side, you can witness the Waterblow phenomenon. Don't waste the opportunity to take pictures against this natural phenomenon! 

The waves here tend to be small, so it is safe to swim. You can do snorkeling too to see the beautiful underwater biota. Relaxing on the beach while sunbathing are tourist favorites. After being satisfied to explore each corner of Bias Tugel Beach, you can take a break in a simple beachside stall. Drinking young coconut ice is perfect to cool your body temperature. 

However, enjoying the sunrise or sunset can not be done here because the entrance beach opens at 10:00 and closes at 6:00. So come to the beach during the day. Before coming, remember to not carry a lot of equipment that can burden you on this quite challenging trip, ok!