Breathin In The Rural Air At Bandung Waterfall

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Breathin In The Rural Air At Bandung Waterfall.

If you get bored with the crowd, you can pay for it with vacation. Choosing a tourist attraction that have a calm atmosphere can be an option. One of them is in Bandung Waterfall, Siangan Village, Gianyar Regency, Bali. This tourism place is still relatively new, precisely initiated in early 2019 ago.

This waterfall is located under the dam of Pakraman Village in Bandung and is located in the Pakerisan river flow. Initially, local residents saw that this route was often passed by foreign tourists, both when they were walking or cycling. So, residents see this waterfall as a potential place to become a tourist destination. From this, they took the initiative to organize this waterfall to be more beautiful and be able to attract many visitors.

In Bandung Waterfall, you can breathe fresh rural air, play water, and watch the beautiful panorama of nature. In fact, the manager also provides used tires that you can use to swim in the Tukad Pekrisan river. Usually, visitors use tires in river areas that have a depth of about 3 meters. Since this place is very beautiful, you can also take pictures with the background of a charming waterfall. By collecting photos of this place, you can upload it to your social media and participate in the promotion of Bandung waterfalls.

Access to this place is relatively easy and close to the vehicle parking lot. From the parking location, you only need to walk approximately 70 meters to be able to enjoy the magnificent natural panorama which is decorated with the melodious sound of a waterfall. The road you take to this place is not too steep like the path to the location of other waterfalls in general. Thanks to the easy access, many tourists begin to come.

To visit and spend your vacation time at this Bandung waterfall, you will not be withdrawn for the entrance ticket. Instead, there is a donation box that you can give money as much as you can. The donation money obtained from local and foreign tourists will be used by local residents to maintain and develop this Bandung waterfall tourist spot. Hopefully, this tourist spot will grow one day. Although the place is still relatively quiet, every day there are tourists who come and visit this waterfall. Well, how about you? Are you ready for vacation?.