Canoeing Towards Sunset At The Camplung Beach

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  • Desa Tejakula, Kecamatan Tejakula


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Canoeing Towards Sunset At The Camplung Beach.

Sunset is a natural panorama whose beauty is inevitable. Especially when it’s viewed from the coast. When you spend your vacation in Buleleng, try to see the sunset from the beach in this district. There is one beach in Buleleng that is often visited by tourists who want to see the sunset. It’s called Camplung Beach. This beach is classified as a 'new' tourist attraction in the Buleleng area. So, try to come to Camplung Beach to see the beautiful sunset from there!

Beautiful Sunsets at Camplung Beach 

If you are in Buleleng, visit Camplung Beach in Tejakula Village, Tejakula District, Buleleng Regency. Camplung Beach was once ruined due to abrasion. But since the beginning of 2018, this beach began to be glimpsed by many local visitors. They come to see the sunset in the afternoon. Who would have thought, behind the imperfections, there’s an unlimited beauty.

This beach looks beautiful and charming. Especially at dusk. The beauty of the orange light reflected off the horizon is like a natural painting. Anyone who comes to see it will surely be amazed by this view. When watching the sunset on Camplung, you will catch the sound of the waves and feel the gentle breeze of the beach. Feel the fine black sand beach when walking along Camplung Beach, and you will be swept away by the calm and peaceful atmosphere on this beach. You can choose to enjoy the sunset sitting or walking by the beach. Unfortunately, the abrasion that has occurred around the coast damaged some parts of the beach. However, the local people are trying their best to make the beach beautiful again. They provide some great tourist facilities. One of them is canoeing. Yup, you can play canoe while waiting for the sunset only for IDR 20,000! 

You can go to Camplung Beach in the evening as the closing destination of the day while on vacation in Buleleng Regency. You can visit this beach after visiting Gitgit Waterfall or Sekumpul Waterfalls. The travel time is about one hour. If you depart from the tourist attractions above to Camplung Beach, don't forget to bring snacks to enjoy. Or you can also come to Seririt Night Market to enjoy the special culinary at night.