Capturing The Beautiful Panoramas In Lahangan Sweet Karangasem

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  • Banjar Dinas Gulinten, Desa Bunutan, Kecamatan Abang


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Capturing The Beautiful Panoramas In Lahangan Sweet Karangasem.

There are many tourist attractions to visit when on holiday in Bali. Panorama of nature and cultural values can be explored not only by visiting and storing them in photographs. Impression and meaning are the essences of traveling to a new place such as Lahangan Sweet in Karangasem Regency.

The Lahangan Sweet tourist spot was originally a dry area above the hills of the eastern district on the island of Bali. Therefore, this place is called Lahangan which comes from the word lahang or barren land. The community builds power and efforts to turn dry land into a charming place.

It is located not far from Lempuyang Luhur Temple, specifically in the Banjar Dinas Gulinten, Bunutan Village, Abang District. In there, you can see a variety of natural charms. On the east side, you will see the hills at the foot of Mount Agung. When the sun goes down and the weather is sunny, the orange sun will spread from the sky. Conversely, on the west side, you will see Amed Beach and the vast sea. If you expand your view, you will also catch the view of Mount Rinjani. Mount Rinjani is the second-highest Merapi volcano in Indonesia, located in Lombok, an island in the East of Bali.

Located 6 kilometers from Lempuyang Luhur Temple, Lahangan Sweet is also close to other tourist attractions such as Tirta Gangga Park, Lontar Museum and others. The access road to Lahangan Sweet is still under construction. Although it is neat, it’s advisable to park in a far place. Especially after it rains, it's better to park the vehicle in a safe location. It’s quite challenging to enter the place, but when you get there, your trip will be more meaningful. And of course, you will get the sweetest gift in the form of beautiful nature paintings.

Lahangan Sweet is not just for an hour or two stopovers. These natural attractions can be used for camping. Well, if you want to spend time with friends in the wild, try to spend the night in a tent in Lahangan Sweet. Because there is no tent rental and camping equipment, then bring your own equipment.

It’s free to enter, but the visitors can donate their money in the fund box as much as they like. However, if you plan to camp in Lahangan Sweet Karangasem, you will have to pay for the electricity and firewood fees of IDR 20,000. Are you interested in enjoying beautiful panoramas from various directions? Let’s find the true meaning of a vacation to the Island of the Gods.