Capturing The Moment Of Sunrise At Saba Beach

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  • Pantai Saba, Desa Saba, Kecamatan Blahbatuh, Gianyar


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Capturing The Moment Of Sunrise At Saba Beach.

One of the most important things in traveling is capturing beautiful natural phenomena. Like taking a memorable photo sunrise, for example. In Saba Village, the coastline village will provide an amazing experience during a vacation in Bali. This village is located in Blahbatuh District, Gianyar, located not far from Bali Safari and Marine Park. It only need to cover a distance of 6 kilometers. Saba Beach is also close to Sukowati Market, a place to shop for art and souvenirs.

The fun of chasing the sun really can't be expressed. After going along each coastline, finally, you can choose Saba Beach for a short stopover. Indeed, there is nothing special, except for the appearance of the sun that smiles slowly accompanied by the rolling waves and colorful horizons. Really beautiful! Saba Beach is located between Lebih Beach and Purnama Beach. If you have some time, stop by to capture these meaningful moments.

The activity of spending time on the beach has never been boring. Each coastline in eastern Bali has its own character. Besides the dark-colored sand and the volume of the waves, other facilities also support the tourist satisfaction. On this beach, you can spend the morning before starting your trip to other tourist attractions.

Around Saba Beach, there are various kinds of inns, such as cottages, villas, and guesthouses. Well, there are more exciting activities that can be done at Saba Beach. The activity is riding a horse along the coastline. Surely, you can be friends with the horse, and that will add your experience while on holiday in Bali.

When the day starts to swelter, the coconut trees on the beach will protect you from the sun. A number of food stalls with various merchandise can add to the crowds on the quiet Saba Beach. You can buy snacks and simple Balinese dishes. Anyway, there’s a small river that streams into Saba Beach. The current meeting between the river and the waves can certainly cool the atmosphere. Do you intend to play water on this beach? Don't forget to bring a change of clothes. Also, pay attention to your luggage, such as electronic items. Be aware that seawater can damage your electronics if it’s accidentally submerged.

On Saba Beach, there is also the Sukeluwih Temple which is used for the Melasti Ceremony. This is a purification ceremony that is held ahead of Nyepi Day. Based on Hindu religious beliefs, the Melasti Ceremony is conducted to shed dirt with living water.

Interested in all activities that can be done at Saba Beach? Let's plan your trip to the beach!