Casual Walks Along The Coast Of Siyut Beach, Gianyar

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  • Jl. Raya Pantai Siyut, Tulikup, Kecamatan Gianyar


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Casual Walks Along The Coast Of Siyut Beach, Gianyar.

Have you ever known the term casual walk? This term is popular for travelers who do not have a definite destination. This model of walking is more like meditation. But instead of sitting quietly, we walk. When we do the casual walk, we could capture some events by stopping somewhere and reflecting on what phenomena are perceived. Especially, if you are looking for inspiration from the stories of local people about daily life and philosophy.

Siyut Beach is one place that can be visited during casual walks. This beach is in Banjar Siyut, Tulikup Village, Gianyar District, Gianyar Regency. In certain periods, you can find many residents fishing. In some spots, there are huts to wait for the fish hook to be pulled. You can also get various kinds of stories from local residents.

Patience is the key. On this coast, you can also see people who are patiently waiting for the hook to be approached by fish or other marine animals. On the southwest side of the Siyut Beach, there’s Lebih Beach, which is famous for its seafood cuisine. While on the east side of Siyut Beach, there are Lepang and Sedayu Beach. The coast is still indeed empty of visitors. Then, those beaches are often used by local residents for fishing. However, for you, casual traveler who want a trip without planning, those beaches can be an option. Indeed, there isn’t much activity to enjoy except fishing. But you can enjoy the panorama of the black sand and sunrise in the morning, plus listening to the beautiful sounds of the waves.

Siyut Beach waves are big enough. That’s why, you’ll see a security barrier will be found along the coast. Because the waves are strong, Siyut Beach is used by advanced surfers. But, it’s dangerous for beginners.

On certain days, especially on Balinese Hindu holy days, Siyut Beach is a location for religious rituals such as Ngaben and Melarung. There is no entrance ticket to visit Siyut Beach. Visitors only need to pay vehicle parking fees only. If you stay overnight around By Pass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, you can choose this beach as a place for jogging in the morning. You can exercise accompanied by the sunrise, fresh air, chirping birds, and lovely breeze that brought the scent of salt from the middle of the ocean.

Casual travelers do not expect anything in every stopover. Just stop by, see, catch events and exchange stories. Do you like to exchange stories with local people? Stop by Siyut Beach and you will get a great story.