Catch A Fish With Fishermen On Pebuahan Beach, Jembrana

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  • Desa Banjar Pebuahan, Kecamatan Negara


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Catch A Fish With Fishermen On Pebuahan Beach, Jembrana.

The beach in Bali is indeed famous for its beauty. It has been famous throughout the world. However, it is not only beautiful. But these beaches are also like magnets that always attract tourists. Both local and foreign tourists on vacation or spend the weekend at Pebuahan Beach, located in Jembrana. Then, what are the advantages of this Pebuahan Beach? Let's get to know this beach before you visit.

Pebuahan Beach 

If you are spending time in Jembrana, take the time to come to Pebuahan Beach. This beach is located in Banjar Pebuahan Village, Negara District, Jembrana Regency. If you drive from downtown Jembrana, it will take about 20 minutes.

This beach is not only beautiful but also known to have health benefits for your body. This beach sand is black. When visiting, you can feel the peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. It could make your mind feels fresh again. Black sand in Pebuahan Beach is believed to be effective for health therapy, especially rheumatic diseases. According to the local people's belief, you only need to hoard yourself under the sand, then your illness will gradually disappear. Not only that, if you have a skin disease, then bathing in Pebuahan seawater is also believed to provide healing. 

In addition to the sand beach and nutritious seawater, the beautiful scenery on Pebuahan Beach is very charming with many fishing boats lined up. When the afternoon arrived, a tinge of golden yellow color adorned the beach sky. Playing sand with family and children, swimming in the sea, or basking in the warmth of the sun are the best activities you can do on this beach. Or you can also go fishing with fishermen around the beach. With a friendly Balinese character, they will welcome you with a gentle smile. You are guaranteed to be allowed to fish with local fishermen. However, this beach is still relatively quiet with tourists. Only local residents who were seen coming for a casual walk or sitting on the beach, and also fishermen who are busy spreading nets. Various facilities have been provided, such as seafood restaurants that line neatly on the beach. 

In the past, Pebuahan Beach was often hit by abrasion. The waves of the relentless waves make some of the coast eroded. A number of seafood stalls were also affected. But now, you don't need to worry. Because the local government is conducting trials on several tools that are considered to reduce the impact of abrasion so that Pebuahan Beach can be visited.