Celuk Village, The Center Of Gold And Silver Crafts In Bali

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  • Desa Celuk, Sukawati, Gianyar


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Celuk Village, The Center Of Gold And Silver Crafts In Bali.

Walking in the Art Market is a common thing to do in Bali. But, what about coming to the village of gold and silver? You can walk around and choose some unique items to be brought home as souvenirs.

Celuk Village, Gianyar Regency 

Celuk Village began to be known as a village of gold and silver craft in Bali since 1976. Initially, only about three villagers made this craft in their houses. As Bali is increasingly well-known among foreign and local people, many tourists start coming to this island. Eventually, almost all villagers slowly turn to gold and silver craftsmen. In order to make Celuk Village one of the favorite tourist destinations related to jewelry crafts.

The gold and silver jewelry sold in Celuk Village have a very high quality because the craftsmen try to maintain it. The basic ingredients of silver and gold come from Kalimantan and Java. Then the materials will be produced into jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewelry. Not only jewelry but you can also find souvenirs of gold and silver such as statues, spoons, forks, and so on. Usually, these items are custom made according to customer orders. Silver-based objects commonly used by Hindus in ceremonial activities are also made in Celuk Village. Almost all jewelry has a typical Balinese model. But you can also ask craftsmen to make models according to your taste. 

To get the attention of visitors, the silver handicrafts are displayed on glass shelves in front of their houses. So when passing through the village, you can see along the left and right side of the road lined with elegant glass shelves containing jewelry that came from silver craft shops. Don't hesitate to come in and just look around. The shop clerk will kindly accompany you to explain their collection of silver and gold objects and jewelry. 

You can also watch the craftsmen creating his work. Usually, in their houses, there is a bale-bale or a special building used to produce this jewelry. You can see from the process of heating, cutting, forming according to the motif and design, refinement, to polishing into items that are ready for sale. Some are still using traditional methods, some are already switching to modern methods. 

The price range of gold and silver jewelry is tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of rupiahs. Depending on the size and the difficulty of making the item. You can visit Celuk Village after shopping at Sukawati Market because it’s only 2 km away from there.