Challenging Rock Climbing Spot In Songan Kintamani

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  • Jalan Raya Songan, Desa Songan, Kintamani, Bangli


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Challenging Rock Climbing Spot In Songan Kintamani.

Rock climbing is an activity that sharpens muscle strength and strategies to reach the top point. You can do rock climbing activity on the walls that provide fiber points for footing and grip. Of course, you will use some safety tools. Some climbing spots have implemented a safety system so that climbers won’t be injured. Like putting a mat on an indoor climbing spot or pairing a hanging carabiner and outdoor climbing set.

Do you want to do this extreme activity during your vacation in Bali? Well, you can try to come to this recommended place.

Located in Songan Village, Kintamani, Bangli, this cliff is considered the best rock climbing spots in Indonesia. This challenging rock climbing spot enters the Mount Batur Geopark region with types of andesite rocks formed from frozen lava. On this cliff, there are many paths with varying degrees of difficulty, from easy to advance paths.

In climbing, calculations are required to place the foot on each curve of the cliff. It also requires the strength of both hands to be flexible in climbing. You also need some tools, such as harnesses, carabiners, carmantel or rope, chalk bags, helmets and climbing shoes made of rubber. Many climbers think that rock climbing is an activity that combines mind, body movements, flexibility, and momentum.

Songan village itself has cool air with more than 6,000 inhabitants. The majority of the population works as vegetable growers. Well, when you start entering the Kintamani area, especially towards Songan Village, then you will see the activities of the surrounding population.

The cliff is located not far from the highway. To find the rock climbing spot, you need to walk from Jalan Songan to the Geopark of Mount Batur. There is a large parking area under the cliff, also stalls and public facilities such as bathrooms.

Since the location is outdoors, check the weather first before going to Songan Cliff. If it rains, rock climbing activities will become dangerous. In addition, don’t forget to keep your body condition fit.

Rock climbing activities require equipment in accordance with safety operational procedures. So, prepare your equipment or take the services of a rock climbing guide tour. Generally, there are group packages that can be followed by a maximum of 6 climbers. Service providers will withdraw fees according to the tariff of IDR 1,250,000 per group, including climbing equipment, professional instructors, transportation, and consumption.