Cupel, A Small Beach In The Western Part Of Bali

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  • Jalan Raya Pantai Cupel, Desa Cupel, Negara, Jembrana


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Cupel, A Small Beach In The Western Part Of Bali.

Most people might consider Bali to be such a famous tourist spot, that it is never deserted by local and foreign tourists. Yes, in some places, such as Kuta and Legian, this assumption is true. Well, if you want to travel to a place that is still empty of visitors, Bali also has some! Cupel Beach, for example. Although quiet, this relatively small beach is as beautiful as other beaches.

Cupel beach is adorned by the waving coconut trees and the sound of the ocean. This place is indeed suitable for you who want to relax. Just sitting under a coconut tree, while enjoying the beach breeze. In fact, there are also jogging tracks available. You can use it for exercising, sightseeing, or afternoon biking along the coast of Cupel village. 

But unfortunately, the Cupel Beach jogging track was broken in several parts. For this reason, you must remain cautious while walking along the path. But you don't need to be discouraged. It doesn’t reduce the beauty of Cupel. Like most other beaches in Bali, this beach also offers stunning sunsets. So, don't miss the sunset moment! 

Want to go to Cupel Beach on your next vacation? You can come directly to Negara, Jembrana Regency, Bali. Not only able to enjoy the beauty of the sea, you can also have a small talks with the friendly residents of Cupel Village. Cupel Beach is surrounded by fishermen's houses. Therefore, you can easily meet them to exchange stories and thoughts.