Embrace The Beauty Of Silence Of Virgin Beach

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  • Jalan Raya Bukit Asah No.Desa, Adat Bugbug, Kec. Karangasem


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Embrace The Beauty Of Silence Of Virgin Beach.

Eastern part of Bali hides its own unique beauty that making it a must visit place when you are in Bali. When it comes to diving spots, this location is the best. The magical under water panorama will definitely blow you away. The beaches in that area are also as amazing as the underwater life. Beside black sand beaches, the big waves are ready to challenge you to surf. Here, you can find the unsual peaceful white sand beaches that are suitable to just chilling while looking at the blue sea.

Virgin Beach

What do you imagine when you are on the beach? Lay down and relax in a sundeck with a hat and sunglasses accompanied by fresh young coconut water in a silence, listen into just the sound of the waves. You can get it all at Virgin Beach. This location is rarely visited by tourists and lesser explored by local tourist.

Actually, Virgin Beach has several names. Foreign tourists usually call it as Virgin Beach because the beach is far from the crowds and still natural. While other foreign tourists call this beach as White Sand Beach because only this beach around Karangasem city has white sand. Although the actual color of the beach sand is not whiter than Padang Padang Beach or Pandawa Beach. The white sand on this beach depends on the volcanic content of Mount Agung. Yes, Virgin Beach is only about 33 km from Mount Agung. If you drive, it will take around one and a half hours to get here.

To visit Virgin Beach you can ask local residents because the access to this beach is relatively far from the city center, even you have to find some road instructions to get to the beach. As a suggestion, if you want to ask local residents, they usually call this place as Perasi Beach. Since it is located in Perasi Village, Karangasem Sub-district, Karangasem Regency, Bali. It is the reason why Virgin beach has several names. You can call this beach as what you want.

In order to reach Virgin Beach, you have to rent a vehicle because there is no public transportation directly to the beach. In fact, you can find a bemo (local transportation) that occasionally goes towards Virgin Beach. However, then you have to walk about one kilometer to get to the beach. In addition, this bemo only operates from morning to evening with uncertain times. So for your convenience, you may rent a vehicle, it's better if the driver are local resident who understands the area.

Virgin Beach is located close to Candidasa. If you are already at Candidasa, then be prepared to notice a small sign that says "White Sand Beach" on the right side of the road. You need extra attention to find this small board because it will be covered with trees around. Follow the directions until you get to Virgin Beach. Once there, you will find a peaceful beach, the waves are not too big so it is swimmable, and also beachside food stalls. Even if you want to enjoy the serenity in this hidden beach, you can rent a sundeck while having a massage from local residents. If you are bored and want to snorkel, don't worry because there is a place to rent snorkeling equipment around the beach.

So, are you ready to dive into the crystal clear water of Virgin Beach or just play the white sand? Don't forget to bring sunblock or tanning lotion to protect your skin from sun exposure. You can also taste the various local seafood menus available in several beachside food stalls. Surely your appetite will be increased with Virgin Beach scenery as the excellent view, besides it will feel like your own private beach.