Enjoying Artworks From 7 Galleries In Gianyar

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Enjoying Artworks From 7 Galleries In Gianyar.

Art has various forms and one of them is painting. In Gianyar there are lots of art galleries and museums that you can visit. The art gallery and museum have different curatorial systems. That means the art collection has a diversity of one another. The art gallery is also the destination of tourists from various countries. Are you interested in enjoying the landscape of art with Balinese style from classical to modern periods? Let's check out the 7 art galleries in Gianyar below.

1. Komaneka Art Gallery exhibits modern art

Komaneka Art Gallery exhibits paintings in a modern style. Through curatorial work, sorting out the character of the paint scratches on the canvas makes this gallery worth it for you to visit when in Bali. Collections are considered quite good for art lovers. In the gallery area, there are cafes and restaurants that can make visitors feel comfortable. Artworks on display include statues, art-paper paintings, and large-size paintings.

2. The Pure Land Gallery with a relaxed atmosphere

The building and display of artwork make the atmosphere at The Pure Land Gallery comfortable. In this gallery, you can also buy merchandise in the form of a singing bowl, which is a tool commonly used during meditation. The atmosphere in the gallery room is very calm. Supported by friendly staff who make visitors feel at home.

3. Gaya Art Space has a unique building

For those of you who like to look for unique angles, spots, and picture framing, this place is one of the destinations that you should visit. This place is an art space where visual art exhibitions are often held. The works on display are the works of artists with accents of Balinese culture and society.

4. Made Ada Gallery specialists exhibiting statues

With an interesting collection and detailed curves, the statue on display makes visitors amazed. Authentic and artsy works, the majority are Garuda themed. The works with the theme are made with various techniques. Made Ada Gallery also has a short course program for craving. Well, isn't it fun if you can walk while learning a lot of things about art?

5. Threads of Life shows off a collection of batik paintings

This one art gallery displays collections of paintings on cloth or batik with patterns not only from Bali. There are from Timor and other regions in Indonesia. In this place, there is also a merchandise shop that sells various fabric stuff styles. And, you can also see a video of the process of making batik. Interesting right? Well, the location is on Jalan Kajeng number 24, Ubud, Gianyar.

6. Semar Kuning Artist Cooperative has a collection of various styles of paintings

Naturalist, expressionist and impressionist-style paintings were exhibited at the Cooperative Semar Yellow Artist. If you visit this art room, you can see the activities of artists painting on canvas. And the good news is, paintings here are not only exhibited and enjoyed. But it can be bought in a variety of price ranges.

7. Sari Ceramic Studio Fire

Not only painting, sculpture and batik. In Gianyar there is a ceramic studio. This studio is open to visitors who want to be creative in making their own works with ceramics. The manufacturing facility is very complete, after making a form of pottery visitors can also wait and see the burning process. So when you get home you can bring a souvenir that you made yourself, interested? The place is also quite enchanting, the effect makes you comfortable and happy when spending time on vacation in this place. If you don't want to linger, there is also a merchandise shop, so you can buy souvenirs from ceramics.

The seven galleries in Gianyar above have various collections of works of art can be a list of your vacation destinations. Check the list of tourist attractions and prepare your needs!