Explore The Natural Beauty Of The West Bali National Park

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  • Taman Nasional Bali Barat, Bali, Indonesia


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Explore The Natural Beauty Of The West Bali National Park.

Located in the westernmost part of the island of Bali, West Bali National Park or TNBB is one of the exotic tourist attractions on the Island of the Gods. This park attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists through its beauty. The natural beauty of dense forests and white sand beaches, and certainly, adorned with clear water that could make you relax.

West Bali National Park 

West Bali National Park was inaugurated on October 14, 1982. This national park is a place of protection and preservation of flora, fauna, and other ecosystems in it. This park stands on an area of 19,002.89 hectares. Historically, it took a very long journey for this region to be recognized as a national park that we know today.

● On August 13, 1947, according to the decision of Bali's Kings Council No. E / 1/4/5/47, this park is called the Bali Nature Protection Park. 

● On October 14, 1982, the Bali Natural Park was officially renamed the West Bali National Park. In accordance with its location which is in the westernmost part of the island of Bali. 

● On March 7, 2018, West Bali National Park was awarded the "Best Top 100 Destination". The category carried is the Best of the Planet in the Asia Pacific at the world tourism exhibition in Berlin. 

You can do many vacation activities. If you want to dive and snorkel, you can go to Menjangan Island, Gadung Island, Bird Island, and Kalong Island. These four small islands have amazing marine life. You will meet some ornamental fish, one of which is flag fish. You can also see beautiful coral reefs and charming mermaids. In addition, playing with green turtles and adorable hawksbill turtles can be entertainment. Not only marine biota, even on land you can find monitor lizards. 

Not only the island, but this park also has several mountains such as Mount Panginuman, Mount Bakungan, Mount Ulu Teluk Accept, Mount Nyagkrut, and Mount Malaye. But unfortunately, you won’t find adequate facilities if you want to hike. Even though you can't hike on a mountain, how about trekking in the forest? TNBB has some forests that are safe for trekking. Such as mangrove forests, savanna forests, rain forests, evergreen forests, and rainforest rivers. While walking in the forest, you will find some rare animals. Some of them are Bali Starling, White Starling, Javanese Plover, Wili-Wili, Ibis Kepala Hitam, Stork Tongtong, Luwak, Deer, Bull, Hedgehog, Mouse Deer, and many more. After tired of exploring this park, you can soak your body in the Banyuwedang Hot Springs. Of course, your muscles will relax again after bathing in the only hot spring pool in TNBB. 

If you want to visit TNBB, the park is about two km from the direction of the Gilimanuk port. The distance is around 60 km from Denpasar City. With a vast area and many tourist attractions, it is almost impossible to explore this park in one day. So you should prepare a few days to be satisfied walking around the park. You can book an inn near the TNBB to facilitate access to your trip.