Facts Behind The Distinctive Aroma Of Bali Pulina Coffee

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  • Banjar Kelod, Desa Sebatu, Kecamatan Tegallalang, Ubud


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Facts Behind The Distinctive Aroma Of Bali Pulina Coffee.

There are many variants of delicious scented coffee in Bali. In this island of the Gods, there are various coffee places that offer a variety of atmosphere: café with ocean views or minimalist-modern architecture café. However, what if you ONLY want to enjoy the coffee? Yep, you can sip the the bitter drink directly from the plantation in the Bali Pulina Coffee.

In the Bali Pulina Coffee Plantation, you can enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at the coffee fields. Not only able to enjoy steeping 8 variants of coffee and tea, but visitors can also enjoy unlimited beautiful views. At first, this place was just a plantation. But because it is located in a strategic location, eventually the agro-tourism is built. It's easy to find Bali Pulina Coffee Plantation. It is located in Banjar Kelod, Sebatu Village, Tegallalang District, Ubud, Gianyar.

Visitors who want to enjoy the place and the coffee are gonna pay IDR 100,000.00. The ticket price is not really expensive, compared to the facilities that will be obtained. Then, drinks with 8 variants will be presented at the table. Around the table, you can find some green plants. There is also a wooden stage Kembang Kopi to explore the atmosphere. The wooden stage is arranged neatly, surrounded by gardens and is similar to a ship's deck. Besides daydreaming or exchanging stories in the middle of the cold air, you can take a mini tour of the coffee processing. There will be officers who are gonna take the visitors on tour with a full explanation.

Two large cages are located on a rather high ground. There are mongoose animals that produce the most delicious coffee. If you arrive during the day, the mongoose is still asleep because this animal is classified as a nocturnal animal. In the corner of the cage, there are ripe coffee beans. Those ripe and good quality coffee beans will be eaten by mongoose animals. After undergoing a process in the stomach of a mongoose, some coffee that is not digested properly will be removed with feces. Relax, the process is still long. So you don't need to worry about the cleanliness of the coffee beans that come out with the mongoose feces.

The enclosure on display is only a prototype in processing civet coffee. In fact, the mongoose is free to run around the plantation, choosing and processing perfect quality coffee without 'coercion'.

Not only a sip of coffee, but you can also order some snacks to accompany your happy day. Or, you’re able to enjoy the cold air while soaking in a hot natural spring. The coffee beans that have been washed, dried, and roasted on a clay pan are seen everywhere. You won’t find any modern coffee grinder in this place, but instead, you’ll see a traditional one with mortar. The distinctive aroma of coffee is spread around the kitchen, accompanied by the warm smiles of the people who make the coffee.

Bali Pulina Coffee is open from 07.00 to 19.00 WITA. You can enjoy morning coffee or afternoon coffee, it’s your choice.