Fishing With Fishermen At Pasih Kelod Beach

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  • Desa Sengkidu, Kecamatan Manggis


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Fishing With Fishermen At Pasih Kelod Beach.

What do you usually do when you go to the beach? Swimming, playing Sand, snorkeling, or sunbathing? These are some activities that we often do on the beach. Well, let’s try a new one! You can sail to the middle of the sea using a djoekoeng and fishing with fishermen. You can get this new experience by visiting Pasih Kelod Beach.

Pasih Kelod Beach 

Pasih Kelod Beach is located in Sengkidu Village, Manggis District, Karangasem Regency. It is located close to the Bukit Asah campsite in Bugbug Village, and also Virgin Beach. You only need to travel as far as 5 km from Bukit Asah and Virgin Beach to get to Pasih Kelod Beach.

This beach is on the same coastline as Virgin Beach. Even so, the characteristics of the two beaches are far different. Virgin Beach has yellowish-colored sand, while Pasih Kelod Beach has black-colored sand. The waves at Pasih Kelod were classified as calm and small. So, don’t be surprised if this beach is a favorite beach of local fishermen to fish. 

The beach is located on the edge of Jalan Pasih Kelod. You only need to walk a few meters from the road and fresh sea breeze Pasih Beach will immediately welcome you. When you first set foot, you will see a traditional jukung or fishing boat lined up neatly on the beach. Yes, it is because most of the residents who live on Jalan Pasih Kelod make a living as fishermen. 

Once at the beach, you will also find fishermen who are busy doing their daily activities. Some are spreading net, some are busy checking or repairing djoekoengs before sailing. There are also fishermen who are pulling their djoekoengs back to shore after sailing in the middle of the sea. The activity of the fishermen is another interesting sight that you can observe besides the beautiful natural panorama of the beach. 

The type of waves and wind conditions around the coast are considered suitable for them to fish. The captured sea catch will usually be distributed to several traditional markets in Karangasem. Therefore, Pasih Kelod Beach is the main income field for Sengkidu Village residents. It is inconceivable, how important is this beach for the surrounding community? 

Because it is dominated by fishermen, there aren't many tourists even though there are many exciting activities you can do at Pasih Kelod Beach. For example, you can join the fishermen fishing in the middle of the sea, capture the fishing activities with your camera, or buy fresh sea catches. It’s different from any other beaches activities. However, the new experience that you’ll get from this beach is very exciting. You can also find a production place of shrimp and shellfish. Stop by this place to see the shrimp and shellfish breeding. 

Interested in creating a new vacation experience? Don't forget to visit the Pasih Kelod Beach!