Four Tips Before Buying Paintings In Bali For Souvenirs

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Four Tips Before Buying Paintings In Bali For Souvenirs.

Bringing home souvenirs for friends or family after a vacation from Bali, seems to have become a habit for most tourists. Moreover, Bali offers many objects that you can make as souvenirs. Now, if you want to find a special souvenir, you can consider buying artistic paintings by Balinese Artists. Here are some tips that you can read before buying a painting in Bali.

1. Prepare the Budget

Budget is the first thing you should pay attention to before buying souvenirs. Write down how many people you would like to give the painting to, then set the budget. The price of paintings in Bali ranges from tens of thousands to millions of rupiah. Determine the painting you want to buy in what price range. This will make it easier for you to buy the items you want before going to the galleries and art markets.

2. Choose a Special Place that Sells Paintings

Surely, you already know that Bali is a paradise for art goods. For paintings, you can usually buy it in a painting gallery or an art market in Gianyar. Paintings in art galleries are usually priced quite expensive. Because it was painted by a well-known local painter as well as how to display it fairly elegantly. While the price of paintings in the art market is more varied. There are also painted by famous artists to beginners. If you want to buy in large quantities, you should buy it in the art market because the selling price is negotiable. While you can consider painting galleries for small purchases and if you want a more exclusive selection of paintings.

3. Decide on the Theme of the Painting You Want to Buy

The important thing to consider before buying a painting as a souvenir is the theme. You should choose works that reflect the culture of the area. The typical Balinese paintings usually raise the natural theme of Bali such as rice fields, beaches to enjoy the sunset or sunrise, also the mountains. In addition to nature, there are also themes with the daily lives of people. For example, an activity of sellers and buyers in the market, digging in the fields, and other activities that occur in Bali. Finally, there are also religious-themed paintings such as ceremonies, sacred dances, figures in the scriptures, and the views of temples. You can choose it according to your taste.

4. Understand the Material

Before buying a painting, make sure you know the material used in the painting. This is closely related to the care and durability of the painting. The painting materials that are often used by Balinese Artists are calico cloth or canvas. When you decide to buy it, the painting will be rolled up to make it easy to carry the painting. You can usually find the material by looking at the back of the painting. If the painting can’t be seen from behind, it was made from canvas, not calico.

Hopefully the tips above can be useful for you. If you use the services of a tour guide, ask for a tour guide to take you to the art market in Bali or art galleries. There are many galleries and art markets that you can visit around the Gianyar Regency.