Fresh Air Surrounds The Joy With Family In Demulih Hill, Bangli

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  • Desa Demulih, Kecamatan Susut, Bangli


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Fresh Air Surrounds The Joy With Family In Demulih Hill, Bangli.

Want to get a different experience while on vacation? Everyone needs oxygen. This air content is the key to life. Fresh air can be inhaled at a location that is 1,500 meters above sea level. How do you enjoy life? One of them is by breathing in the fresh air in a quiet place like on Demulih Hill.

Demulih Hill is located in Demulih Village, Susut District, Bangli Regency. For you who just set foot in Bangli Regency for the first time, then you can find the location of this tour with the help of maps. Well, if you go to this place by public transportation, then you can get off at the Susut District terminal. From the terminal, you can continue the trip by motorcycle taxi. 

The hilly atmosphere is indeed fun and soothing. According to color psychology, green can make someone feel calmer. The green color of the vegetation around the hillside can make visitors feel it. Accompanied by the faint sound of the wind and the jokes of the surrounding residents, it provided an extraordinary experience. This tourist spot looks simple, but what you will get won't be replaced. 

The facilities in this place can make visitors feel at home for a long time. Stalls and restaurants that sell local coffee plantations and simple snacks serve their customers in a friendly manner. There is also a favorite photo spot, swing on the hill. Although during the holiday season you have to wait in line, the results of the picture against the background of a green expanse of plantations and rice fields will be a good composition. Well, Demulih Hill is best enjoyed with your family, relatives or closest people. You can also enjoy a mini zoo that can complement your joy with your family. Come on, what are you waiting for? Let's enjoy the natural landscape in Bangli Regency.