Get To Know The Oldest Dance In Bali: Pendet

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Get To Know The Oldest Dance In Bali: Pendet.

Besides having the famous Barong and Kecak, Bali also has a Pendet Dance. The name Pendet dance is well known in foreign countries. This beautiful and graceful dance makes Pendet one of Indonesia's cultural tours that impresses other countries.

Pendet Dance 

Pendet dance is one of the oldest dances on the island of Bali. Based on some records, the art experts in Bali concluded that this dance had existed since the 1950s. Like canang sari, this dance has become an inseparable part of the spiritual life of the Hindu community in Bali. In the beginning, Pendet Dance was a traditional dance in a piodalan ceremony at a temple or family sanctuary. This dance is presented as a form of gratitude and respect for the Balinese people in welcoming the arrival of the gods who descended from heaven.

Starting from there, one Balinese artist named I Wayan Rindi was inspired and turned the dance into a welcome dance. With the help of other artists, Ni Ketut Reneng, both of them created the Pendet Dance as a welcoming dance with four dancers. Then this dance was developed and refined again by I Wayan Beratha by adding the number of dancers to five people, as is often shown now. 

Based on its function, Pendet dance is divided into two types, namely Pendet Sakral dan Tari Pendet Penyembutan. Pendet Sakral dan Pendet Penyembutan is displayed as part of the religious rituals of the Balinese people. The movements of Pendet Sakral Dance are simpler, but religious elements are more highlighted in this dance. While Pendet Penyembutan is presented as entertainment or dance to welcome great guests. In Pendet Penyembutan more focused on beauty both in terms of motion, clothing, and beauty of the dancers. However, elements of Balinese culture remain attached to this welcoming dance. 

In the show, Pendet Dance is performed by female dancers, each of whom carries a silver bowl filled with various flowers as dancing properties. At the end of the performance, the dancers sprinkled the flowers they brought to the audience and guests as a welcome. 

Until now, Pendet Dance is still preserved by artists from dance studios in Bali. In addition, this dance also continues to be displayed at various cultural events such as welcoming grand guests, cultural festivals, and tourism promotion. If you want to watch this dance directly, you should note the schedule of the arts festival that will be held on the island of Bali. Because usually Pendet Dance will be displayed as the opening dance of the event.