Getting To Know Architecture In Bali In Accordance With Asta Kosala Kosali

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Getting To Know Architecture In Bali In Accordance With Asta Kosala Kosali.

A building has a certain concept that has been transformed. In Bali, in building housing and places of worship, there are layout rules or often known as feng shui. Feng shui, in the Balinese tradition, is called Asta Kosala Kosali and has two basic foundations. The foundation is the basis for the undagi, architecture and building stylist in Bali.

Two basic foundations in the construction of dwellings and places of worship in Bali are the relationship between the bhuana alit and the great bhuana and other constituent elements including the direction of the compass. In the cosmos element that is described in the bhuana alit and bhuana Agung, there are 3 parts of space that are taken into consideration in building a residential home: bhur, bwah, and swah. The world of contempt or called bhur is a symbol of the 'evil' and the lust that drives to do bad things. The symbol is realized as a foundation which is usually made of brick or natural stone. Furthermore, bwah is a human nature that is closely related to worldliness and material in the form of walls, windows, and doors. Finally, swah is the nature inhabited by holy souls. In the last room, the life of the householder will be roofed with compassion and kindness.

The concept of traditional Balinese architecture was transformed into a number of concepts, in addition to being based on the concept of a cosmic balance. The concepts of jaba and jaba jero are also important considerations in building a house. The outermost part of a dwelling house is called jaba, then jaba jero is private space.

Spaces in the traditional Balinese building layout are also arranged according to the direction of the wind. The place of worship is located in the East which represents the location of the rising sun. While the kitchen, located in the west according to the lontar Asta Bumi. West to Southwest is the place of the God of Fire. Then, the place of rest or bedroom position is located in the North. Wells and granaries are located in the East or North of the kitchen which holds the position of the Water God.

Building area measurements were transformed from three types of calculations based on the owner's body members. First, it must be calculated based on the fist with the thumb facing up. Second, hasta is measured based on the distance between the wrist to the middle finger. The third, which is called depa, is measured based on the two arms stretched to the right and left.

Asta Kosala Kosali is a way of arranging land for residences and places of worship. Various concepts related to feng shui are indeed important to bring positive energy. Each place also has their own way to get the house layout. Well, because Bali has a majority Hindu population, this belief has a big part in how to arrange houses and places of worship. In fact, the procedures for building a house require a series of special rituals to get good results.